Tears of joy, cheerful screams, and even utter silence are all common reactions from our division one lottery winners. But one winner took us by surprise with his reaction this week! 

Check it out in this week’s winning highlights. 

Seven winning entries each score $1.4 million Lotto prize 

February came to an unforgettable end for seven Lotto lovers who each snared a $1.4 million division one prize in the last Saturday Lotto draw for the month. 

One of these division one winners was a Balwyn North man who had an unexpected turn of events when discovering his million-dollar prize.  

“It’s truly a dream come true. I decided to check my ticket right before I went to bed last night, and oh boy that was a mistake! Surprisingly I even threw up a little from being so excited,” he laughed. 
Persistence pays off for Maitland farmer  

A hard-working Maitland farmer who's played the same lottery numbers for decades has happily welcomed a million-dollar Monday & Wednesday Lotto win.  

The New South Wales man was in the middle of moving fences when we called to deliver the life-changing news. 

“Oh my god! You’re joking! I can’t believe it! I’ve been playing the same lottery numbers since day one, and I’ve never expected to win big,” he said. 

“We’ve been working hard all these years looking after our farm, so this will take some pressure off. Wow, just wow. We can’t wait to tell our children as well; they will be absolutely stoked.” 
Canada holiday on the horizon for Hervey Bay man

Packing his bags, dusting his passport, and travelling around Canada is precisely what a Hervey Bay dad plans to do now that he’s scored a $200,000 Lucky Lotteries Mega Jackpot prize. 

The Queenslander wouldn’t have checked his lottery ticket for another three weeks if it wasn’t for our winning phone call. 

“That’s so wonderful! I had no idea. We obviously haven’t been able to go on a holiday in the past two years, so we’re very overdue for some sight-seeing. We would love to go to Canada!” 
Captain Starlight rockets to the outback 

Currently, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander kids have some of the highest levels of preventable diseases in the world.  But change is possible thanks to Starlight’s Healthier Futures initiative. 

The program helps to remove the fear and uncertainty that can prevent children in remote communities from taking part in vital health checks.  

The Lott, through Tatts NT, are proud to partner with Starlight on the Healthier Futures initiative with a $100,000 donation from unclaimed prize money. You can read more about the donation here.