What could be better than a win? How about sharing that win with your nearest and dearest! Australia’s latest lottery winners certainly proved to be a generous bunch this week.  

Check out our winning highlights:  

Generous Hobart woman plans to share Lucky Lotteries prize  

The Lucky Lotteries wins have been coming thick and fast lately, and this week we celebrated 100 1st Prize wins so far in 2022.  

Joining the crowd of Aussies enjoying a Lucky Lotteries windfall was a generous Hobart woman who discovered her $100,000 earlier this week.  

“This is the most I’ve ever won. How exciting!” she said. 

“I haven’t told anyone about the win yet, but I know I’ll tell my family. I might even share the prize with them! 

“There’s plenty to go around!” 

Elderslie grandmother’s $200,000 Instant Scratch-Its top prize win! 

Another family is set to enjoy that winning feeling after an Elderslie grandmother scratched the top prize on an Instant Scratch-Its $15 Crosswords Book. 

“I have a bit of a routine. A couple of nights a week, I make my dinner, have a cup of coffee and scratch an Instant Scratch-Its ticket,” the winning woman explained.  

“What I originally thought was a $1,000 win turned into $5,000, and then suddenly, it was confirmed that I had won the big one. 

“I will be making sure that I spoil my grandkids and celebrate with my family.” 

Magnanimous Marsden dad becomes a millionaire!  

It really turned out to be a winning week for parents and grandparents who are eager to treat their children. After a Marsden dad became an overnight Monday & Wednesday Gold Lotto millionaire, his family was the first thing on his mind.  

“I decided immediately I’d just give it all to my children!” he said. 

“They didn’t take me seriously when I told them. Once it sank in I wasn’t joking, they were over the moon. 

“I don’t need it. I’ve lived a great life. To be able to give my children a leg up, make their lives a little bit easier, and give them this incredible gift is fantastic.” 

Brighter days ahead for Melton South father 

It may have taken him more than a week to claim his division one TattsLotto prize, but a Melton South dad wasted no time planning celebrations with his son.  

“I’m in absolute disbelief!” he exclaimed. 

“It’s such a wonderful moment that I’ll remember for the rest of my life, and to be able to share the moment with my son is special. 

“I’ve been playing for 20 years, and I’ve never expected to win big. Wow!” 

Who would you share a major lottery win with?  We hope to find out soon!