If you had to choose a favourite day, Monday is probably bottom of the list. However, in a surprising and delightful twist, this week began with a flurry of good news stories that have kept us smiling right through to Friday and beyond. 

In just one day we had two new millionaires, solved the mystery of our missing $80 million Powerball winner, and received word of some hopeful progress from one of our community partners. And that was just the beginning. Check out our round-up of all this and more! 

Victoria’s largest lottery prize claimed: Dromana couple snares $80 million surprise

The week truly started on a high when almost four days after the draw, a couple from Dromana came forward as the mystery $80 million Powerball winners we had been searching for. 

Their incredible prize is the largest lottery win in Victoria’s history, and makes them the equal-third biggest lottery winners in the country!

When we spoke to the couple to confirm their life-changing win, they admitted they were still wrapping their heads around their good fortune.

“I’m still in shock!” the winning woman declared.

“I really thought I would be waking up from a dream about now.

As for how they will enjoy $80 million, the couple said plenty of ideas had already sprung to mind — from a new home to future holidays!

With $80 million headed for their bank account, we have no doubt they’ll be making plenty of their dreams come true.  

Million-dollar Monday for New South Wales with the state scoring double division one wins!

There were two division one winning entries nationally in this week’s Monday & Wednesday Lotto draw on Monday evening. A Surry Hills woman and a Cabramatta resident became overnight millionaires, making for some very heartwarming phone calls the following morning. 

For our Cabramatta winner it was a dream come true as she shared she’d been playing the same numbers for 28 years. 

“This is amazing. Thank you. I can’t wait to tell my family!” she said.

“Every day, I read the winners stories on your website and now I am one of them!” 

Likewise, the news was a complete surprise for the winning Surry Hills woman. 

“This is crazy!” she screamed with excitement.

“Late last night, when I checked the ticket I was shaking and carrying on.

“I can’t believe it, I really can’t. I am in shock.”

Human trials of the University of Queensland’s COVID-19 candidate vaccine have begun

In April 2020, we were proud to make a $1 million donation, through Golden Casket unclaimed prize money, to the University of Queensland’s School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences to help accelerate Australian research into a COVID-19 vaccine. 

On Monday, we were thrilled share the news that the first round of the human trials for the University of Queensland’s COVID-19 vaccine have begun.

As of 13 July, volunteers received the first doses of UQ’s innovative “molecular clamp” candidate vaccine in what is a significant step forward in its development. 

More than 130 vaccines are in the works around the world, but UQ’s work is believed to have shown great success in the preclinical stage of development and we look forward to hearing more updates as trials continue. 

Caboolture couple unable to cook or sleep after $200,000 Lucky Lotteries discovery

While the winning moments came thick and fast at the start of the week, it took a few days for some of our winners to discover they’d picked up an unexpected prize.  

Just yesterday we spoke to a Caboolture couple who’d scored the guaranteed first prize of $200,000 in a Lucky Lotteries Mega Jackpot draw. 

The pair couldn’t hide their delight when we called to confirm their win.

“I can’t believe it! We are stunned!” the winning woman said. “We are so glad to take your call.

“We will do some small renovations, give some to our kids, and keep some for a rainy day,” she said.

We’re sure the Queenslanders will be celebrating all weekend.

If you’ve had a surprise win of your own this week make sure to share your #winningfeeling and celebrate with us!