It’s been quite the winning week here at the Lott, with major jackpots won, many new millionaires made, and plenty of long-held dreams about to become a reality!

If you’re looking for some good news stories heading into the weekend, we’ve got you covered:

“I am a multi-millionaire!”: Katoomba man’s life-changing $6 million win

After steadily building for almost seven months, the Lucky Lotteries Mega Jackpot prize of just over $6 million dollars was won on Monday! A man from Katoomba in New South Wales pocketed this multi-million-dollar prize and the incredible news promptly put a stop to his workday.

“You are kidding me!” he laughed.

“I can’t wait to tell my wife. I am going to go straight home from work now and tell her.

“She will need to sit down when I break this news.”

As for whether he’ll ever return to work, we’ve got a suspicion he’s got a few other plans now that he’s a multi-millionaire! 

Oz Lotto jackpot creates ten newly-minted millionaires

Further south, a syndicate of ten players from Portland shared a $12 million Oz Lotto prize, making an overnight millionaire out of each of them! Shares in the syndicate were purchased at Matt’s Lotto, Cards & Gifts, and owner Matt Jowett said the win was “monumental” for his outlet and the city.

“I’m looking forward to telling all of our customers we’ve sold a division one winning entry but what I am looking forward to most is telling my syndicate members they are millionaires!” he said. 

Logan mum to no longer sweat through summer after division one win

It may be winter for a few more weeks, but some of us are already looking forward to the warmer weather, including a young mum from Logan who scored division one in the weekend’s Saturday Gold Lotto draw. 

While was still getting over her disbelief at being more than $840,000 richer, the winning Queenslander revealed there was one thing she’d been dreaming of that would be perfect for the summer ahead.  

“I’ve always wanted a swimming pool, that would be amazing,” she shared.

“This is going to help our family so much.”

East Burwood man “too distracted” to check $1 million TattsLotto ticket

This week, we were also thrilled to finally unite one of our winners with a million-dollar prize they won almost a month ago! The East Burwood man finally checked his ticket and was shocked to discover he’d been walking around as a millionaire and didn’t even know it! 

“I didn’t realise I had a winning ticket until I went in to buy a new one. I saw the old one sitting in my wallet and thought I’d better check it,” he explained.

“When I heard the noise go off, I thought ‘Wacko! I must have won $20 or something!
“They told me that I had won something much, much better than that!

”The Melbourne player admitted he’d been preoccupied with the city’s lockdown but he’ll now be happily daydreaming about how to use his prize and browsing online for his perfect new home. 

Spotlight on local: Bushfires and pandemic no match for community spirit

Did you know there are over 3800 local retailers across the Lott’s network? These small businesses are at the heart of our communities. Not only do they deliver fun and optimism by bringing you the games you love, but many of our retailers support their local communities through initiatives of their own.

We caught up with Blackheath Newsagency owners Doug and Janette Forsyth about how they’ve been ensuring local residents in their small Blue Mountains township get the services and support they need.

“We wanted our community to know that we are here for them all the time. We’re open seven days a week, and here to help if they need it,” Janette said. 

From winning communities, to winning feelings, you can read more on our Real Winners page.

Maybe one day, we’ll be telling your winning story!