The way the winning numbers are drawn remains the same, but from tonight Aussie lottery players will notice a new look to the nation’s televised lottery draws.

Using a new green screen set, the lottery draws for Saturday Lotto, Monday & Wednesday Lotto, Oz Lotto and Powerball can now give viewers a taste of that winning lifestyle – from million-dollar mansions to cash factories. 

While visual effects will add a new dimension to the broadcast, the way televised draws are conducted remains the same – using ball drawing machines at Channel 7’s Brisbane studios under the supervision of government regulators.

Our new digital set for televised draws aimed to inspire Aussies to dream about of what they would do with a division one win.
Ever since the first lottery draw was broadcast in Victoria in 1972, they’ve continued to evolve. From the grainy black and white days of the ‘70s, through the bright neons of the ‘80s to today’s high definition, newly-minted millionaires have seen their winning numbers drawn in many different ways.

The new set design will make the televised draws more dynamic and complement the new generation of lottery draw machines, complete with new vividly coloured lottery balls, that were brought into play last year.

As always, government regulators continue their watchful eye over all draw proceedings, ensuring each entry into a lottery draw is accounted for and the draws are conducted according to strict procedures.

The drawing of the winning numbers in each draw might only take about 90 seconds, but over the decades these draws have changed the lives of thousands of Australian division one winners.

Lottery draws are televised on 7TWO after 8.30pm AEST every day of the week except for Friday and Sunday.