If life is a rollercoaster, this week’s winners enjoyed a loop that sent them plunging into shock before soaring straight up into joy! 

It all started with an incredible Saturday Lotto Superdraw that that saw five division one winning entries score a huge $4 million each. From there, the ride only continued with more major prize winners going from complete disbelief to absolute delight.  

Check out the highlights below! 

Melton mum receives “best birthday present” after TattsLotto ticket scores $4 million

A Melton woman received an unforgettable birthday present after her husband gifted her a winning ticket that yielded a multi-million-dollar Superdraw windfall. 

The Victorian woman initially checked her entry online and thought she’d only won $13 on division six. 

“If I can save $13 on the groceries that is a win, so I was happy with just scoring that much,” she told us. 

“But then I scrolled down further and saw that I had won $4 million too. I couldn’t believe it!” 

The woman said she can’t wait to use her prize to renovate her kitchen. Meanwhile, we reckon her husband will have a tough time topping that gift for next year’s birthday! 

Lisarow woman floored by $100,000 Lucky Lotteries discovery

Even though it wasn’t her birthday, a Lisarow woman still had reason to celebrate this week, thanks to her $100,000 Lucky Lotteries Super Jackpot win. But first she had to pick herself up off the floor! 

“I had a shocker of a week and decided to check my lottery ticket, thinking I might have won something small and that would cheer me up,” she explained to us. 

“And that’s when I saw the win. I laid down on the floor after that just completely shocked!” 

Thankfully, a close friend came over and helped her find her feet and celebrate with a bottle of champagne. 

Townsville man to live the life with Instant Scratch-Its win

Gravity can do strange things to our winners. While our Lisarow winner dropped to the floor, a Townsville man leapt the other direction, saying he was over the moon to win $1,000 a week for the next ten years on a Live the Life Instant Scratch-Its ticket. 

“It was unbelievable! Such a fantastic day,” he told us.

“I’ve worked hard for a long time so I will certainly be enjoying it!” 

The stoked man said the win was truly a “life-changer” and he plans to buy a house and take regular holidays. 

Powerball sets sights on $60 million for next Thursday

We hope you’re all buckled in for a ride that’s about to get even more exciting. 

After no entry held all seven winning numbers and the all-important Powerball number needed to deliver division one in this week’s draw — Powerball has rocketed to a massive $60 million for next Thursday, draw 1270 on 17 September 2020. 

So far this year, Powerball has crowned eight division one winners who have pocketed more than $300 million in prize money. Now the jackpot juggernaut is on the rise again and perhaps we’ll be welcoming our ninth Powerball division one winner for 2020 with next week’s $60 million draw. 

New agreement with Australian Government for UQ vaccine supply

The COVID-19 pandemic has sent all of us on a very different sort of rollercoaster this year, but our partners at the University of Queensland shared some uplifting news this week. 

An agreement has been signed between Global biotech company CSL and the Australian Government to supply 51 million doses of UQ’s vaccine to Australians. If clinical trials are successful, the first doses are scheduled for release from mid-2021. 

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