For some long-time players who’d been dreaming of the day their special lottery numbers were drawn, this week proved that patience really can pay off! 

Check out the winning highlights below: 

“Just what the doctor ordered!”: Zetland retiree celebrates million-dollar Monday Lotto win 

When a Zetland man first started playing his special Lotto numbers, The Beatles had just disbanded and Apollo 14 had successfully landed on the moon. 

While a lot has changed in the last 50 years, the New South Wales player has stuck by those same numbers — which this week delivered him a million-dollar windfall! 

“Every Tuesday morning, I check my ticket while I’m having breakfast,” the overjoyed man explained. 

“I was just looking at the numbers and I thought, ‘these look familiar!’. 

“I’ve been playing the same numbers for about 50 years or more, so I recognised them straight away. 

“One of my numbers is my mum’s birthday, number 31 - which was yesterday. I won on her birthday!”

Wollongong man in a cold sweat over news he’s woken up a millionaire

Another long-time New South Wales player also received some winning news this week when he became an overnight millionaire thanks to his marked entry. 

“They are all marked numbers that I’ve been playing for ages – birthdays, special dates, that kind of thing. I can’t believe they’ve finally been drawn!” he exclaimed.

“I’m in a cold sweat! This is hard to fathom.

“I’m in the process of doing renovations at home, but I might just knock down the house and build a new one!”

No Monday blues for South Brisbane man thanks to Saturday Gold Lotto division one discovery

In Queensland, one South Brisbane man knocked off work early after checking his Saturday Gold Lotto entry and realising he was a division one winner. Turns out, he too had been diligently playing his numbers for some time!

“I always play the same numbers; I’ve been playing them for years and I can’t quite remember why I chose them,” he said.

“I can’t believe they’ve finally been drawn. This is outstanding!”

“Thank you for the best call of my life!”

Ipswich son to buy mum a new house with Gold Lotto win

Of course, a lottery win can land anytime and anywhere.

As one Ipswich player proved this week, the most important thing is that you’re in it for the chance to win it! 

“I saw an email from The Lott last night and I couldn’t believe it…I couldn’t sleep after that!” he explained. 

“I never used to play. It was only about six weeks ago that I thought, ‘you’ve got to be in it to win it’, but I never really thought I’d be a division one winner. But now it’s happened! To be debt-free is amazing.

“I’m going to help my mum. I’m going to go and buy her a house, so she doesn’t have to pay rent anymore.”

Whether you’re a long-time player or just starting to dream of what that winning moment would be like, we hope to hear your story soon!