An Eden man who has committed his life to helping others was overwhelmed with emotion when he received $10,000 to help with his recovery from a life-threatening disease. 

Yestyn, a dedicated paramedic, is familiar with being the one to answer others’ calls for help. But in September last year, he found himself experiencing what it’s like to be the one needing emergency assistance. 

After feeling increasingly unwell and having difficulty breathing, Yestyn phoned for an ambulance. His colleagues rushed him to hospital where he was diagnosed with meningococcal. He spent 16 days in intensive care while his wife and three children held onto any slim hope for his survival. 

Thankfully Yestyn pulled through, but recovery has presented its own challenges. After months away from his children undergoing rehabilitation, it will be another 18 months until he can return to doing the work he loves full-time. 

When we heard Yestyn’s story, we were intent on seeing someone who has so generously helped others receive a helping hand in return. 

In partnership with Channel 9 and the Today Show, we sent $10,000 to Yestyn and his family to help them get back on their feet. 

“I’m lost for words” Yestyn said. 

“Thank you.”

The loving father admitted that while both his health and finances recovered from the ordeal, it was the support from his family that has helped him get through.

“Seeing my family was a very emotional thing, it brought tears to my eyes every time.

"I love being a dad and my kids are amazing”. 

While the long-term implications of the disease are still unknown for Yestyn, the $10,000 will help him and his family along his road to recovery. 

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