Do you have favourite numbers that you use to mark your entry? Or do you let the lottery terminal chose them for you when you grab a QuickPick? 

In our recent Saturday Lotto draw, ten out of the eleven division one winners from The Lott’s jurisdictions marked their entries using chosen numbers! 

With the Powerball jackpot soaring to $50 million for next Thursday, perhaps you’ll be thinking about which numbers could score you that life-changing prize. 

Check out the winning highlights from the week! 

Coburg grandfather looking forward to spoiling the grandkids with TattsLotto win

A Coburg grandfather said he was eager to spoil his grandchildren after their birth dates inspired his winning numbers. 

“I can’t wait to call them all and tell them the good news!” he exclaimed. 

“I’ll be able to help them all.” 

Melton mum celebrates win by doing a load of laundry

Family birthdates also inspired a Melton mum’s division one win. 

“We play Lotto every week and have been playing the same numbers for years,” she said. 

“They’re made up of our family’s birth dates and our anniversary.

“They’ve always bought us little wins, but only a few weeks ago we won $80!

“We were stoked! We thought it was such a great win we went out to lunch to celebrate. We might have a bigger and better dinner for this win!”

The winning woman confessed that she was so shocked by her winning discovery that she continued to go about her normal routine of doing the laundry and running around after the kids. 

Currumbin man contemplated changing winning numbers just weeks ago

A Currumbin man’s division one win nearly didn’t happen after he considered changing the numbers he had been playing every week for twenty years. 

“I’ve been playing the same numbers for 20 years and I felt as though I wasn’t having much luck, so I almost changed the numbers a couple of weeks ago,” he said. 

“Something made me stop and I am so glad!

“It couldn’t have come at a better time.” 

Here we go! Powerball jackpots to $50 million

Are you ready for a $50 million Powerball draw? Not only is this the biggest jackpot we’ve seen this year, it’s also the highest the jackpot has climbed since September 2020! 

Now’s the time to start thinking about getting your entries and bracing yourself for plenty of excitement. 

Although the $30 million jackpot eluded players in last night’s draw, a total of 1,077,572 prizes worth more than $20.14 million were won in divisions two to nine. This included three division two winners, who were just one number shy of a multi-million-dollar win, but each take home $185,924.20! 

Make sure you check your tickets to see if you scored a win!