A big part of the Lott’s support of Children’s Hospital Foundation helps gives kids in hospital the thing they crave most – the chance to just be kids.

In 2018, our contribution to Children’s Hospital Foundation helped it to provide a range of toys, equipment and activities that give kids a fun distraction during their stay in hospital.

Juiced TV

Juiced TV is a television show made by the kids in hospital, for the kids in hospital. It’s the first of its kind in Australia, and a one-of-a-kind entertainment experience for sick kids with serious injuries and long-term critical illness.

Juiced TV encompasses four elements:  a weekly television show, weekly days of hands-on-happiness, patient experiences, and digital channels for patient and community engagement.

Juiced TV is proving to be an important source of distraction for sick kids in hospital and helps reduce the feelings of alienation many have in a sometimes scary hospital environment. By building fun and engaging content that they can control, kids can expand their own learning and break down barriers.

Bedside Play 

Some kids in hospital are just too sick to get out of bed. 

Children’s Hospital Foundation play volunteers make sure these kids don’t miss out on the chance to smile by taking the fun to their bedside with iPads, toys, games, and puzzles. 

Not only do the volunteers play with kids in their rooms, but they can also leave behind toys and games for patients and families to enjoy together.

Bravery Beads 

Bravery Beads recognise the strength and courage kids in hospital show every single day when they face a procedure or treatment. 

Every bead is a bravery award for kids with serious or life-threatening illnesses, and for some, the string is metres long. 

Bravery Beads are currently available at the Queensland Children’s Hospital and Bundaberg Hospital.

Family Resource Centre

Parents’ worlds are turned upside down by a sudden illness or injury to their child. 

The Family Resource Centre helps families spending time in hospital, particularly those from remote or regional areas, by offering them support, such as free WiFi, local support groups, phones, faxes, computers, printers, and volunteers on hand to assist in any way they can.

Music therapy

For many sick kids, music therapy is an integral part of their rehabilitation and recovery. 

We are  proud to help fund the music therapy program delivered by Children’s Hospital Foundation. Music helps build, or rebuild, important neurological pathways that help sick kids regain control of their language, speech, and coordination. 

Scholastic Book Bunker

Kids in hospital can visit the Scholastic Book Bunker to sit and read their favourite story or have a story read to them. 

Volunteers also visit the patients regularly, handing out books to those who need to stay in bed, or sitting with them to share a story together.

Cuddle Carers

Imagine the fear of hearing your precious baby is sick and needs to stay in hospital. You wouldn’t leave their bedside; not for one second. 

Our Cuddle Carers provide comfort to the tiniest of patients, giving parents the chance to take a break from their baby’s bedside. The value of a cuddle is priceless for a sick child and their parents.