Queenslanders have rallied behind the state’s sick children and their families, raising more than $13 million during the annual 9 Telethon last Saturday night. 

The Lott, through Golden Casket, was the proud presenting partner of the 9 Telethon and made a significant contribution of $1.7 million to the Children’s Hospital Foundation. 

For many years now, Golden Casket funding has provided, among other things, the Personal Health Record (PHR) book provided free to every new Queensland parent when their child is born. The Personal Health Record is a parent-held booklet used for recording vaccinations, developmental checks, and major health events. 

This year, along with funding towards the PHR book, the $1.7 million donation will also support research aimed at improving the care of children at risk of vocal cord paralysis during cardiac surgery.

Every year, a quarter of children born with congenital heart disease in Australia require surgical intervention. The laryngeal nerve is vulnerable to injury during surgery and vocal cord paralysis is often unavoidable.

It is a potentially life-threatening and costly complication that can occur in up to 60% of patients. It affects a child’s ability to swallow, makes oral feeding dangerous, prolongs hospital stay and causes repeated respiratory infections.

This research project aims to implement a multidisciplinary care pathway to improve the care of children at risk of vocal cord paralysis.

The Lott representatives had the pleasure of meeting a young Queenslander, George, and his family to see first-hand the difference the pioneering research had made to him and his family. To watch George’s remarkable story, click here.

The Lott General Manager of Marketing Andrew Shepherd attended Saturday night’s 9 Telethon to deliver the $1.7 million donation. 

“We love delivering life-changing moments to players and communities across Australia,” he said.

“For more than a century, Golden Casket has been supporting initiatives that advance the health and wellbeing of sick Queensland children and their families and today is no different. We want to make a genuine difference for families across Australia.”

To donate to the Children’s Hospital Foundation, head to the website.