It was a sweet start to the week as new Lotto millionaires discovered their Superdraw prizes on Valentine’s Day. But now a huge $120 million Powerball jackpot has made our hearts skip a beat all over again!

Catch up on all the winning moments below:

Powerball soars to $120 million for first time

The second biggest jackpot in Australian lottery history will be up for grabs next Thursday, with Powerball rocketing to an incredible $120 million for the first time.

It’s the largest prize the game has offered for more than two and a half years. If one player walks away with it all next week, they’ll become the biggest individual lottery prize winner in Australian history.

While no player scored this week’s multi-million-dollar jackpot tonight, a total of 2,612,173 prizes worth more than $47.6 million were won in divisions two to nine. This included 18 division two winners who each took home $73,329.70. Make sure you check your tickets to see if you had a win!

Eight winning entries share $20 million Saturday Lotto Superdraw prize

Valentines Day celebrations were extra sweet this year for a bunch of Aussies who shared in the weekend’s $20 million Saturday Lotto Superdraw.

There were eight division one winning entries that took out a dreamy prize of $2.5 million each!

While some planned to use their life-changing division one prize to purchase a new set of wheels or a holiday, a Rutherford couple is planning a great Australian odyssey.

“Happy Valentine’s Day to us! Holy sh**! We’ve been dreaming of this moment.

"I was going to go out and mow the lawn this morning, but we’ll pay someone to do that now!" the winning husband said.

“We’ll pay off our mortgage first, and then we’ll go and buy ourselves a caravan. My wife wants to retire and just travel around the country, so that’s what we’ll do.”

No-time off for hard-working Sarina woman 

Despite discovering she scored a $10 million division one prize in Oz Lotto; a Sarina woman still went to work and powered through her day!

The North Queenslander plans to purchase her dream home and help her parents retire earlier than expected.

“Oh my god! Holy sh**! That’s amazing. We’re multi-millionaires! My partner’s sitting beside me, and he’s heard what you’ve said too. He’s gobsmacked!” she laughed.

“This is a life-changing win for us. We’ve had a tough few months, so this will help us so much. You dream of things like this happening, but you never imagine it actually happening.”

Geelong woman becomes Set for Life after only playing a ‘handful of times’

A Geelong woman who only buys a lottery ticket for special occasions discovered she’s now set for life and will be receiving $20,000 a month for the next 20 years.

“I checked my ticket this morning and I was blown away. I’ve only bought a handful of lottery tickets in my life, so I never expected this,” she exclaimed.

“I ran straight to my sibling’s house to let them know and they were so excited. I didn’t want to tell anyone else until it was confirmed, so I had to carry on with all my plans. That was the slowest morning of my life!"
‘Newy’ workers gear up for $100,000 lottery win 

The news of a $100,000 win in Lucky Lotteries Super Jackpot sent two Newcastle construction workers through the roof – but thankfully, they climbed down safely!

“That’s so friggin’ good! We’re at work this morning, and I had to step down from the roof when you called. I’m glad I did because you probably would’ve had to call a paramedic!” one of the winning men laughed.

“My work partner and I always go halves in these types of entries. We play each week! He’s grinning from ear to ear right now. This has just made our day so much better. Thank you!”

There’s a ‘Lott’ more in store next week. Have a winning week!