Daniel Morcombe Foundation will expand its child safety programs and the assistance it gives to victims of crime following a $300,000 donation from the Lott, through Golden Casket.

Daniel Morcombe Foundation was created in 2005 by Bruce and Denise Morcombe after their 13-year-old son Daniel was abducted from a Sunshine Coast bus stop in 2003. 

It delivers child safety education programs and events, assistance to victims of crime, and support for the families of missing persons.

The donation from Golden Casket, part of the Lott – Australia’s official lotteries, has been funded from unclaimed prize money.

Golden Casket General Manager Andrew Shepherd said Daniel Morcombe Foundation continued to play a vital role in elevating awareness of child safety across Australia.

He said Golden Casket also planned to work closely with Police and Daniel Morcombe Foundation to extend its support of the Amber Alert system.

“For more than a decade, Golden Casket has supported the Amber Alert system by broadcasting urgent information about missing or abducted children to the general community through our network of 900 retail outlets across Queensland,” he said.

“We’re now looking to further this role as a secondary alert partner across other states and territories under the Lott brand to help bolster the nation’s child safety net.

”Since creating the Foundation, Daniel's parents have worked tirelessly to provide Australian children with the education, protection and support to be safe from abuse and risk of harm.

The Foundation aims to remember Daniel's legacy and assisting young victims of crime.

Daniel Morcombe Foundation co-founder Bruce Morcombe said he was “over the moon" with the generous donation from Golden Casket.

“Daniel’s legacy remains strong! The work at Daniel Morcombe Foundation is guaranteed to be better resourced, enabling us to deliver cutting edge child safety education for children, parents and carers,” he said.

“These funds will secure programs of world’s best practice to keep kids safe. It’s so exciting.”