For many new parents, having a child can be an overwhelming and exciting time. 

As their new born bundle of joy is welcomed by family members, The Lott, through Golden Casket and Children’s Hospital Foundation is delivering 70,000 free Personal Health Record (PHR) booklets to new parents across Queensland each year. 

This booklet, also known as the red book due to its distinctive colour, helps parents navigate the first years of their child’s life. 

Personal Health Record is a parent-held booklet used for recording vaccinations, developmental checks and major health events. It is provided free to every Queensland parent at the time of birth of their child.

Providing an extra helping hand, the Child Health Information booklet is inserted in the cover pocket of each Personal Health Record. 

The booklet focuses on information relevant to the first year of the child’s life, including what to expect and tips for helping your baby at each age stage, keeping your baby safe (including safe sleeping), what to do if your baby gets sick, caring for your baby’s teeth and ears, breastfeeding, formula feeding and introducing solids. 

Personal Health Record is updated every year before printing, in consultation with a working party of midwives, child health nurses, paediatricians, nutritionists and public health officers. 

This important Queensland health initiative is made possible by Golden Casket’s donation of more than $1 million each year to the Children’s Hospital Foundation.

We’re extremely passionate about supporting our communities, families and children’s health. That’s why we are proud to support these important initiatives and partner with leading not-for-profit organisations.