With Powerball, Lotto and Set for Life all serving up major prize wins recently, it’s been a huge week of making multi-millionaires at The Lott!  
Catch up on all the highlights below.   

Eight millionaires crowned in Superdraw Saturday  

Eight winning entries shared the $20 million division one prize in the weekend’s Superdraw, with each scoring a huge $2.5 million!  
While some thrilled players discovered their new multi-millionaire status shortly after the draw, others were completely oblivious until we made contact with them and broke the news.  
“It’s unbelievable! I had no idea!” one Darwin winner exclaimed.  
Check out more of our favourite winning reactions in our Superdraw wrap!  
Last-minute change of mind leads Sydney mum to $50 million Powerball winning ticket 

Last week’s $50 million Powerball draw left us in suspense as we eagerly waited to discover who our mystery division one winner was.  
All was revealed on Monday morning when a Sydney mum claimed her prize and shared how her win nearly was washed away by the rain.  
“The weather has been absolutely crap and so I wasn’t even going to buy a ticket because I didn’t want to go out. I also thought there’s no way I would be the winner,” she said. 
“I couldn’t believe it when I realised I had all the winning numbers!” 
Bondi man abandons job search to enjoy retirement after winning Set for Life

Continuing our multi-millionaire week, Set for Life crowned its 74th division one winner on Tuesday night.

A thrilled Bondi man takes home the division one prize of $4.8 million paid in instalments of $20,000 a month for 20 years. 
“This is insane! It’s unbelievable!” he exclaimed.  
“I was recently made redundant at work, so the timing couldn’t be better! This is an absolute game-changer for me. Wow!”  
Darwin’s biggest markets ready to shine  

All these multi-millionaires will no doubt need somewhere to soak up their prize!

Thankfully Darwin’s biggest markets are set to return in April. According to the locals, the Mindil Beach Sunset Markets are the ‘best place in Australia to watch the sun set’.  
We’re thrilled to announce that The Lott will be the major sponsor of the Mindil Beach Sunset Markets once again in 2021.  
The markets are a not-for-profit group that provides a platform for local businesses to sell their wares, in turn creating jobs for more than 1,000 local residents.

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