Abbott and Costello, Sherlock and Watson, Kath and Kim— we love a dynamic duo. But even more, we love a winning duo!

Whether it’s two colleagues, best mates, or close family members, it’s always an absolute delight to discover our major prize winners are part of a pair. 

We’ve been fortunate enough to hear from quite a few prize-winning partners recently. Check out some of our favourites below — these winners are truly two of a kind! 

Workmates clock off early after $15 million Oz Lotto win! 

After years of working together and travelling together, two central Queensland mates continued to be inseparable by becoming multi-millionaires together!

In March this year they scored an incredible Oz Lotto jackpot of $15 million, causing them to clock off work early to celebrate.

The hardworking duo confessed they wouldn’t be giving up their jobs completely, but they were already cooking up some exciting plans to enjoy their prize. 

Sydney mother and daughter duo millionaires

Plans for a casual Sunday lunch quickly got a whole heap more exciting for this mother-daughter pair after they landed a Saturday Lotto win worth over $2 million! 

The daughter told us how they discovered the incredible news.  

“On Sunday morning mum was checking the results in the paper with the ticket and then I came over to pick her up and go out for lunch,” she said. 

“She said to me ‘I’ve got something to tell you. I think we had all six numbers in last night’s lotto’. 

“I kept checking the numbers over and over. I couldn’t believe it!”

Their $2 million prize is perfectly shared, making each newly minted millionaires!  

Best mates from Beaconsfield in disbelief 

A weekly tradition of playing TattsLotto together led to an incredible division one prize for two long-time Victorian friends. We spoke to one of the pair who recounted the rollercoaster of emotions he went through when he learned the news. 

“My best mate came to tell me first thing this morning! I was wondering what he was doing here so early!” he laughed. 

“He told me I had to sit down, so I thought someone was sick or dying or something like that. 

“I couldn’t believe it when he told me.”

Not only were the generous friends ecstatic to share their prize with each other, they also couldn’t wait to share it further with each of their families.

Who would you share a division one prize with? If you score a win with a mate, make sure to let them know it’s good news before you surprise them with a bombshell. 

Australia’s official lotteries are available in-store, online, or via the official Lott app, and as these winners prove, two can play these games. 

Good luck!