It’s safe to say we all dream of winning the lottery once in our lifetime but for one of our winners this week, they heard the life-changing news for the second time.

Check out how their Saturday Gold Lotto prize compared to their first major win exactly fifty years ago, plus the other highlights from the week.

Southeast Queensland couple win division one for the second time

Exactly fifty years after they won the Casket, a Lowood couple were overwhelmed with a sense of déjà vu when they learnt they were one of the weekend’s Saturday Gold Lotto winners, taking home more than one million dollars. 

They told us their Casket win of $30,000 back in the ‘70s was enough to set themselves up with a house, some investment properties and a new car. 

This win was for their children, promising to pay off their mortgages, while treating themselves to a new car.

Melbourne man ignores million-dollar phone call for four days

In Victoria, it took a Melbourne man four days to answer his phone and realise he was also one of the weekend’s newly-minted millionaires.

He admitted he’d been ignoring our phone calls because he didn’t pick up calls from unknown numbers, but thought we were persistent and decided to change his tune.

The newly-minted millionaire has been playing the same numbers for decades and couldn’t believe they’d finally been drawn. 
With more than one million dollars about to hit his bank account, he decided it was time to replace his broken TV and pay off a chunk of his children’s mortgages.

It’s time to check your Play For Purpose tickets!

Play For Purpose has just held its 10th raffle and you could be one of the many major prize winners. 

Since its first raffle in 2018, Play For Purpose has distributed more than $3.6 million to Australian charities and sporting clubs and has celebrated more than 40,000 major prize winners. 

Earlier this week, we spoke to a previous Play For Purpose  winner, Anne, who is a third-generation farmer from Dirranbandi, a small town on the Queensland and New South Wales border.

She knows first-hand the challenges of living in a rural and drought-stricken community.

“For about nine years, we’ve had just dirt – not a blade of grass or anything. It’s very depressing. It played on my mental health a lot,” she said.  

“It’s impacted the small businesses in the town, not just the properties.” 

Rural Aid is one of Australia's largest rural charities and a key charity available to support through the Play For Purpose raffle. 

In December, Anne purchased a ticket into the Play For Purpose charity raffle in support of Rural Aid. In the ultimate win-win, 50% of her ticket purchase went directly to the charity, while Anne had the chance to score a fantastic prize. 

When the raffle was drawn, Anne was the third major prize winner, scoring a $7,500 Myer voucher!

It’s always great to hear from the latest Play For Purpose winners!