Today it was announced that the COVID-19 vaccine being developed by The University of Queensland’s School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences would not progress to Phase 2/3 clinical trials. 

In April, we provided a $1 million donation from Golden Casket unclaimed prize money to accelerate this world-leading research into a vaccine. 

While today’s announcement is a disheartening outcome, we would like to acknowledge the incredible effort the team at the University of Queensland has invested into this important project. 

We are proud to have been able to support this ground-breaking research into such an important health issue at a critical time.

In addition to supporting the UQ research, this year we also contributed to a study being undertaken by Mater into the impact of COVID-19 on mothers and infants. 

Australia’s official lotteries has a long history of supporting health initiatives, understanding that the nature of medical research means not every project will achieve its desired outcome. 

We know not all hopes and dreams come true, but that doesn’t stop us reaching for them.

We look forward to continuing to support important medical research that seeks to advance the healthcare available to Australians at times when they need it the most.