With so much going on in the world right now, it can be hard to find some positive news.

But with many Aussies discovering they won a major prize this week, there are plenty of heart-warming stories to brighten your day.

Sarina man’s worries disappear after $1 million Monday Gold Lotto win 

A Sarina man admitted he can now breathe a sigh of relief after discovering he won $1 million in Monday’s Gold Lotto draw. 

The overwhelmed winner revealed he had recently lost his job due to COVID-19 closures but looked forward to better times ahead thanks to his million-dollar win. 

“This just changes our life massively,” he explained. 

“There’s been a bit of drama lately. I lost my job with the coronavirus pandemic and my wife has had to take a pay cut. 

“It will just be amazing knowing I can take some time to find a job I actually enjoy and not have to rush back to work." 

$200,000 win helps Burton man’s great Australian dream come true 

A Burton dad cannot wait to upgrade his home and finally give each of his children their own room after winning one of the top prizes of $200,000 on an Instant Scratch-Its ticket. 

"It was pretty unbelievable when I saw I had won!” he exclaimed. 

“You never think you are going to win, and I never thought I’d win $200,000 that’s for sure! 

“We’ll definitely be getting a bigger house! 

“We’ve got kids and we’ve outgrown the house we are in, so we’ll put it towards getting a house where they can have their own rooms.” 

Mackay man declares he is a ‘lucky bugger’ after winning $1.2 million in Saturday Gold Lotto 

A Mackay man is thanking an impulse decision to buy a Saturday Gold Lotto ticket for his $1.2 million win. 

“Oh mate! Oh god! I’m speechless and shaking. I’ve never been stuck for words before, but I am now. This is incredible,” he cried. 

“I play regularly, but this particular ticket was just a spur-of-the-moment thing. I thought I would put it on. When I play, I always cross my fingers and go to bed hoping that tonight’s the night! 

“I just can’t comprehend this. It’s like I’m watching someone on TV and thinking ‘lucky bugger, when’s it my time?’, but that lucky bugger is me!” 

Chirnside Park woman has an extra spring in her step after $1 million win 

A Chirnside woman has never felt more alive after she watched her numbers come up on the TV during Monday Lotto’s draw, making her an overnight millionaire. 

The woman explained her favourite part about buying lottery tickets was watching the draw, but she never expected to see all her numbers appear on the TV screen. 

“I always watch the draw every night on TV and when I watched it last night, I was circling each number as it came up on the screen,” she shared. 

“I couldn’t sleep all night after watching the draw. It’s just marvellous to win. I feel so alive!” 

Daniel Morcombe Foundation working harder than ever to provide support to those in need

During a time that is incredibly challenging for many families, the Daniel Morcombe Foundation acknowleges keeping kids safe is more important than ever before.

With a growing demand for evidence-based, engaging personal safety resources, the foundation has fast-tracked some exciting plans for 2020.

From child safety games, to live-streamed safety lessons, the Daniel Morcombe Foundation team remains committed to helping keep kids safe in these trying times.


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