It’s been a brain-rattling, jaw-dropping, and downright bewildering week for a new crop of Aussie lottery winners. Some were absolutely floored – literally!   

From Oz Lotto to Set for Life, catch up on our latest division one winning highlights!   

“I dropped to the ground and started screaming!”: Cranbourne man floored by $5 million Oz Lotto surprise

Three winning entries took out Oz Lotto’s $15 million jackpot this week, each scoring $5 million. A Cranbourne man discovered his multi-million dollar share of the prize at his local newsagent early on Wednesday morning.   

“I literally just found out! I am in complete shock,” he told us moments after making his winning discovery.   

“The lady at the counter was looking at me funny and so I asked if something was wrong.   

“She had this huge smile on her face and said ‘you’ve won division one! You’re a multi-millionaire!’.”  

Trissa Yang, manager of Cranbourne Authorised Newsagency where the winning ticket was sold, explained the moment she broke the news to her customer.  

“When he found out, he dropped to the ground and started cheering and crying! It was an incredible moment.”  

“Wow! Wow! Wow!”: Melbourne man contemplates new life with $4.8 million Set for Life win  

Another Victorian player was dealt a shock earlier this week after scoring a Set for Life division one win of $20,000 a month for 20 years. 

The Docklands man in his 50s was completely oblivious to his good fortune until we called to break the news.   

“Wow! Wow! Wow! You’ve got my heart racing now! I was having a chilled day doing nothing, and now this!” he exclaimed.   

“I’ve been playing Set for Life for a while now, but I’ve never really thought in any great detail what I would do if I actually won.”   

Port Lincoln woman’s “$25 win” turns out to be an almost million-dollar X Lotto prize  

In South Australia, a Port Lincoln woman who initially thought she’d won a $25 prize was stunned by the revelation she’d actually scored an almost-million-dollar bounty. When we made contact with the woman, she was adamant she’d only won a division four prize.   

“I checked my ticket this morning. I crossed the numbers off on my ticket and saw I’d won $25,” she explained.   

“Oh, get out! Are you serious? Division one!?  Blooming heck!  Are you for real?  

“I’m bewildered! I think my working days may be numbered!” she laughed.  

“My brain is rattled!”: Townsville’s newest millionaire comes forward to claim his prize 

The winning news also travelled up to North Queensland this week, with a Townsville man taking out a $1 million Wednesday Gold Lotto prize.   

Speaking with us moments after he discovered his winning news, the Townsville resident confessed the prize would mean big changes for him and his family.  

“I’ve been playing for years, and years, and years. I never thought it would happen to me, but now it has and it’s amazing,” he said.   

“My brain is rattled! I think I’m a bit shocked.  

“I’ll be able to retire properly now, which is what we all hope for!”   

We look forward to surprising more unsuspecting Aussies with some winning news next week!