A young Toowoomba couple has welcomed a heartwarming surprise this week when they discovered they were receiving a $10,000 to help get the wedding they never had back on track. 

Fiancés Tim and Kym were set to be married earlier this year, when just days before their wedding, Kym received a phone call that put all their plans on hold. A catastrophic accident on the family property had left Tim with a serious head injury. He was flown to Brisbane and spent months in a coma, his life hanging in the balance. 

Not only was Kym faced with losing her soon-to-be husband, she also learned she was pregnant with their second child.

However, Tim showed his strength and resilience and against all odds and doctors’ predictions he woke up.

The couple have remained positive but the road to recovery has been grueling while Tim underwent further operations and learned how to walk and talk again. 

Wedding plans have been at the bottom of their list of priorities, but when we heard their inspiring story we knew we could help give the couple the day they deserve. 

In partnership with Channel 9 and the Today Show, we sent Kym and Tim $10,000 to make sure they could celebrate Tim's miraculous recovery and enjoy the wedding they were meant to have. 

A stunned Tim was the first to react to the news. 

“Thank you! Wow, that’s good as gold,” he said. 

“Don’t cry because you’ll make me cry,” Kym laughed. 

“We can get planning a wedding!”

The surprised couple said that Tim’s recovery has been challenging but was going well. 

“Definitely seeing the light at the end of the tunnel,” Tim said. 

You can see more of Tim and Kim's story on the Today Show's website.

We are committed to giving back to the communities in which we operate and have partnered with Channel 9 to surprise inspiring Aussie families over the coming weeks.

Stay tuned for more incredible stories from communities all over the country.