Don’t leave your tickets out in the cold! As one winner discovered this week, it always pays to check them.

Catch up on this feel-good story and plenty of other highlights below! 

Edgeworth woman discovers $200,000 stuck on the fridge after six months

Six months after the winning numbers were drawn, an Edgeworth woman checked the Lucky Lotteries ticket that had been stuck on her fridge, only to discover it had won her $200,000.

“I can’t believe this!” she laughed when we called to confirm her prize. 

“We had no idea $200,000 has virtually just been sitting there!”

While her ticket had been keeping cool on the fridge, the woman’s family will soon be keeping cool themselves as they plan to use their prize to get a pool.

Golden Square man declares “no worries” for the rest of his life thanks to $928,000 TattsLotto win

A Golden Square man was much more prompt at checking his winning entry. The day after the draw he discovered he’d scored a TattsLotto division one prize. 

“I’ve never even won a chook raffle! I’d reckon this is a bit better than winning one of those anyway!” he joked. 

“I want to share it with my family. I reckon that’s what winning the lottery is all about. Making sure your family is all right too.
“I’ll have no worries for the rest of my life now!” 

Bentleigh man dissolves into a fit of giggles after news of TattsLotto win

Another Victorian player received some winning TattsLotto news this week after he also scored a division one prize in the weekend’s draw.

When we called to break the news, the happy man was so thrilled he immediately started shouting in joy to his family. “I’ve won the lotto! They’re on the phone now!” he yelled excitedly.

“It’s amazing! After all these years!”

The regular player revealed that even though he’s in lockdown, he would celebrate by treating his family to a takeaway dinner. 

Bankstown woman awakes from nap to discover “dream-come-true” win

The fast-food restaurants in Bankstown also served up a celebratory meal this week, after a local woman scored $201,000 in a recent Lucky Lotteries draw. 

“Gosh, I hope you’re calling me with good news. I really need some good news right now,” the woman told us when she answered our call.

“Struth, two hundred and one thousand dollars!

“I’ll be getting takeaway to celebrate.” 

The woman had just woken up from a nap so it’s little wonder her win felt like a dream come true! 

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