This week we were proud to see one of our community partners, the Zero Childhood Cancer Program, mark a major milestone.

The Zero Childhood Cancer Program has taken a game-changing approach to treating childhood cancer, offering Australia’s first personalised medicine program. The Program is dedicated to treating children who have been given less than a 30% chance of survival. 

In April, we were honoured to make a $600,000 donation to fund the final 116 children to join the revolutionary clinical trial. 

This week, Zero released its first research paper, sharing the results from a study of the first 250 children who were enrolled in the national clinical program.

The results are impressive. In the study, the molecular basis of a child’s cancer was able to be found in more than 90% of cases. Researchers have proved that better understanding this basis can drastically change the outcomes for children with the most aggressive cancers.

In 70% of cases, at least one new potential treatment option was identified within nine weeks. 

Thirty-two percent of the children went on to receive the recommended personalised treatment, with 70% of them having a positive response to that treatment. Their tumour either stopped growing, shrank, and in some cases completely regressed. 

Zero is changing the model of care and outcomes for children with cancer and we’re proud to support a program that’s giving hope to hundreds of Aussie families.