Gold Lotto's $30 Million Megadraw


How to win Megadraw

To win a Division 1 prize in Gold Lotto’s Megadraw, you need to match all 6 winning numbers in one game. But you can still win a prize by matching as little as 3 of the winning numbers in one game. There are 6 prize divisions and hundreds of thousands of winners in every Megadraw, learn more about winning number combinations.

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Megdraw draw time

Gold Lotto's Megadraw closes at 7:30pm (AEST) on the night of the draw. The draw takes place shortly after.

The latest results for most of our games are generally available on the day of draw by 9:00pm (AEST).

Dividends for each game are updated following the draw and are generally available on the morning following the draw.


Ways to Play

There are many ways to play Saturday Gold Lotto, to play a standard entry you need to select 6 numbers (from 1 to 45) in each game panel.

1. Standard Entries

You can choose to play a QuickPick or a Marked entry.

  A QuickPick is the easiest way to play, choose how many games you’d like to play and the numbers are randomly generated for you.

  A Marked entry lets you play the numbers that are meaningful to you. You can also choose how many games you would like to play. You can mark up to 18 games on a coupon in-store or up to 50 games when playing online or through The Lott app.

2. System & Pick Entries

System and Pick entries give you more chances to win, plus the chance to win across multiple prize divisions.

  A System entry gives you the option to play more than the standard 6 numbers in Saturday Gold Lotto. You can choose from 7 to 20 numbers giving you more chances to win, plus the chance to win across multiple prize divisions. Learn more about System entries.

  A Pick entry guarantees you wither 1 or 2 winning numbers. Having 1 or 2 guaranteed winning numbers gives you more chances to win, plus the chance to win across multiple prize divisions. Learn more about Pick entries.

3. Advance Entries

Once you’ve selected your Saturday Gold Lotto entry type, you can choose the draws and number of weeks you'd like to play. If you're planning a holiday or don’t have time to buy a ticket online or in-store you can plan ahead and schedule your entry with an Advance entry, Multi-week entry or set-up a Subscription.

  • An Advance entry allows you to play Saturday Gold Lotto into a future draw, up to 10 weeks in advance. Learn more about Advance entries.
  • A Multi-week entry lets you play your entry across multiple draws. You can choose to play up to 10 consecutive Saturday Gold Lotto draws. Learn more about Multi-week entries.
  • A Subscription entry allows you to automatically enter every draw or just special draws such as Superdraws, which is a great way to ensure you never miss a draw. Learn more about Subscription entries.

Play Megadraw as a group with Syndicates

What is a lottery Syndicate?

A lottery Syndicate, or group entry, is a team of players working together to increase their chance of winning. With a team of players you can pool your money to buy a bigger entry, which could increase your chance of winning. If your Syndicate wins, the prizes are shared amongst all team members! A team of players can be anyone; you could start a Syndicate with your friends, family or work mates using SyndiMate, our handy online Syndicate planning tool. You can also join Syndicates already set up in-store, and play with others in your local community.

What entry types can be played in a Syndicate?

Any combination of entry types can be used to make up your team Syndicate entry, providing they’re an option for Megadraw. Choose from a QuickPick, Standard, Pick or System entry.

How do I setup a Syndicate?

Your Megadraw Syndicate can be set up online with SyndiMate or in-store with the help of a friendly staff member. You can also use The Lott Syndicate Planner.

  1. Gather your friends, family or work mates and set up your team. Make sure you put your heads together and come up with a great team name!
  2. Work out the cost per share/per person and collect the money.
  3. Either use our SyndiMate tool or determine the entry type yourself.
  4. Present your SyndiMate barcode in-store or buy your pre-determined entry by asking your retailer for ‘Syndicate share tickets’.
  5. Share the excitement and hand out the tickets to your team.
  6. Keep an eye out for the draw!

Results and claiming your prize

You can check your entry in-store, online or though the app. You can claim your prize at your local Golden Casket outlet, or if you buy online, your prize will be paid automatically into your account.

If your prize is over $1,500, you will need to claim your prize at the Golden Casket Head Office. Read more details on how to claim your prize.

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