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Whether you're looking for a quick thrill, something to unwind with over a cup of tea, or even a second chance- Instant Scratch-Its has it all!

With a variety of new games released each year, there is always bound to be something new - from the ever-popular Crosswords tickets to exciting new tickets with thrilling top prizes, like the latest Tripling 7s ticket. Pop into your friendly local outlet to explore the latest Instant Scratch-Its ticket range.

And best of all, you can enter your eligible non-winning Instant Scratch-Its tickets for a 2nd Chance to win!

Last calendar year there were over 29 million winning moments! Is your winning moment just a scratch away?



Nothing's Sweeter than a Triple Win!

The new Tripling 7s ticket from Instant Scratch-Its could sweeten up your day with over $5,400,000* in prizes to be won!

With a new multiplier feature you could double or triple your prize. Reveal a double '77' symbol in YOUR NUMBERS to double the prize shown, or a triple '777' symbol in YOUR NUMBERS to triple the prize shown*.

Head to your local outlet to grab a ticket today!

Available in store now!




The gift that's an instant hit!

Looking for a great gift for a birthday, thank-you, or any occasion really? Instant Scratch-Its are the gift that’s an instant hit, with a range of products to choose from that will suit anyone you are buying for.

Why not pick up a $5 Crosswords for your aunt to enjoy with a cup of coffee, or a $20 Big Cash Game as a thanks to Dad for fixing the shelf.




Every month, Instant Scratch-Its 2nd Chance Draw gives you a chance to turn your eligible non-winning Instant Scratch-Its into $1,000!^

Hurry – get your entries in by the end of the month for your chance to win.



Winners of 2021 

29.19 Million

Total winners in 2021

$256.2 Million

Total amount won in 2021


Find out more about our growing list of winners!

Instant Scratch-Its Winners

*The highest amount that can be won on the Tripling 7s ticket is $77,700. See ticket back for prize details.