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Instant Scratch-Its Winners

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2nd Chance Draw Winners

Each month Instant Scratch-Its players have the chance to win $1,000 in our 2nd Chance Draw. The monthly 2nd Chance Draw is conducted on the second Wednesday of every month. See our latest winners below!

Month Prize WINNER(s)
June 2024 $1,000 Winner being verified. KEEP YOUR TICKETS!
May 2024 $1,000 Winner being verified. KEEP YOUR TICKETS!
April 2024 $1,000 I.C. from Sandy Bay, TAS
March 2024 $1,000 N.W. from Margate, TAS
February 2024 $1,000 T.D. from Clarendon Vale, TAS
January 2024 $1,000 S.C. from Pontville, TAS
December 2023 $1,000 C. P. from Howrah, TAS
November 2023 $1,000 K.J. from Stuart Park, NT
October 2023 $1,000 M.T. from Kingston, TAS
September 2023 $1,000 P.C. from Leanyer, NT
August 2023 $1,000 K.S. from Howrah, TAS 
July 2023 $1,000 R.F. from Glenorchy, TAS

*Based on all Instant Scratch-Its prizes claimed from 112,571,109 tickets sold nationally during 2023 [excluding WA].