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Being a member opens up a world of benefits and it's free to join. Access one account that can be used both in-store and online.

As part of The Lott Members Club, you can feel secure with all entries purchased using your membership automatically registered to you.

Joining is easy - simply register online, via The Lott app, or ask your retailer when next in-store.

Free to join

Entry into Bonus Draws when you play*

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   Automatic prize payment options

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Membership is FREE!

Whether you buy your entries in-store or online, you can enjoy benefits such as prize protection, faster prize payment options, saving Favourite entries and more at no cost to you.

Online or in-store - you're in the Bonus Draw!

To say thanks for being a member, you'll be automatically entered into exclusive member-only Bonus Draws every time you buy an entry in-store or online. 

As a member you'll automatically receive one entry into the draw for every $1 you spend. Every month, one lucky member will win $1,000!*


A life-changing phone call

Ring, Ring! There's one call you don't want to miss. Members who score a Division 1 or major prize receive a winning phone call to personally confirm the news.

We'll also send you an email if you have a small win online plus you can sign up for win notifications via SMS in-store when next grabbing an entry.

Prizes paid direct to you

Have your prizes paid as soon as possible and start living your winning dreams!

When you register entries to your membership in-store, any prizes (lower than a Division 1 or Lucky Lotteries top prize) won can be claimed into your online account the day after the draw or into a nominated bank account four weeks after the draw has taken place.*

Play and save your Favourite entries

Whether playing in-store or online, you can choose to save the combination of your entry type, amount of games, number of draws plus the numbers you want to play for most lottery games as a 'Favourite' for quick and easy play next time! 


Your ultimate in-store companion

The Lott app is also your ultimate companion when playing in-store.

You can save wallet space and use the digital version of your membership card within the app, use our Pay In-store^ option, find your nearest store, view, edit and play your Favourite entries and more!

If you don't already have The Lott app, download today for iOS or Android.



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*Membership and Bonus Draws Terms and Conditions and eligibility criteria apply. Automatic prize payments exclude Division 1, Set for Life 1st Prize, Lucky Lotteries 1st and Jackpot prizes which have a 14 day provisional period prior to payment. Your membership must be linked to your verified online account for the online prize payment option to be enabled. Your membership must be active for you to be eligible into the Tatts Card Bonus Draw.

^Pay in-store with account funds feature excludes Instant Scratch-Its and SyndiMate tickets.