How does a subscription work?

Subscriptions allow you to setup your favourite games to play automatically when and how you want - they are the easiest way of playing lotto online!

It’s quick and easy to set up – simply select the option to subscribe when next buying your entry online.

  • Depending on what subscription option you have selected, the entry you purchased when setting up your subscription is played automatically into the next relevant draw based on your selection.
  • Subscription entries are paid for from the availabe funds in your online account in the first instance, and then from your backup payment method should your account be running low - that way you always get your entry into the draw!
  • We’ll send you email notifications every step of the way to ensure you’re never left out of the loop, including if you’ve had a win!
  • You can choose to pause or cancel your subscriptions at any time, giving you complete control.

What games can I subscribe to?

You can create a subscription for the following games:


  • TattsLotto - choose to subscribe to every draw as well as Superdraws and Megadraws
  • Oz Lotto - choose to subscribe to every draw or whenever Oz Lotto jackpots over a certain amount
  • Powerball - choose to subscribe to every draw or whenever Powerball jackpots over a certain amount
  • Monday & Wednesday Lotto - choose to subscribe to every Monday and Wednesday draw
  • Set for Life - choose to subscribe to every draw
  • Lucky Lotteries - choose to subscribe to every Super Jackpot or Mega Jackpot draw.

How do I create a subscription?

When playing via the website, simply create your own entry and where you are prompted to choose the number of draws you want to play your entry into, select one of the available subscription options for the game you have chosen. Once you've added your entry to the Cart, you'll need to specify your backup payment method as part of the purchase process - this is just in case your account balance is running low when your next subscription entry is purchased.

When playing using the Lott App, simply choose the 'Make this a subscription' option on the 'Confirm your entry' screen once you've created your entry and then follow the prompts.



How do I pay for a subscription?

Entries purchased using a Subscription are paid for from the available funds in your online account. If there are not enough funds in your account we will debit them from the authorised Debit or Credit Card (Backup payment method) provided for the subscription.

Are there additional costs to subscribe?

No - there are no additional costs when subscribing to an entry. 

Where can I subscribe?

Subscriptions are available online or via the Lott App.


How do I manage my subscriptions?

To make changes to your Subscriptions simply visit the 'Subscriptions' section within your online account either using the Lott website or App. From there you can:

  • Pause - place a subscription on hold whenever you choose
  • Reactivate - paused subscriptions can be reactivated at any time
  • Delete - Subscriptions can be deleted up to the final moment before the draw.

For more information on Subscriptions, check out our Help Centre.