Subscriptions allow you to set up your favourite games to play automatically when and how you want - a great way to help ensure you don't miss a draw!

Subscriptions are another great benefit of being a member. There are a range of subscription options to choose from when purchasing your next entry online. 

We’ll send you email notifications every step of the way to ensure you’re never left out of the loop, including if you’ve had a win!

You can pause or cancel your subscriptions at any time within your online account, giving you complete control.

Available for TattsLotto, Oz Lotto, Powerball, Monday & Wednesday Lotto, Set for Life and Lucky Lotteries.



Creating a subscription

To get started with subscriptions, sign up or login to your online account. Then simply select the option to subscribe when next buying your entry.


Step 1

Below the draw information of the game you’ve chosen, tap on the ‘Subscribe’ tab.

Step 2

Select the entry type, how many games you want to play and pick or fast select your numbers. This is the entry your subscription will purchase each time. Choose from the subscription options available then tap the ‘Add to Cart’ button. 

Step 3

In the cart you’ll be asked to specify a backup payment method which will be used to purchase your entry if your account balance is running low.

 Did you know?

You can also subscribe to your Favourites! For any valid Favourites tick the ‘Subscribe to this Favourite’ option in the My Favourites section of your online account and follow the prompts.

Step 1

Below the draw information of the game you’ve chosen, tap on the ‘Subscribe’ tab.



Are there additional costs to subscribe?

There are no additional setup fees to create a subscription, and your entry price is the same as if you were buying in each draw. If you have chosen a Credit Card as your backup payment method, it is a good idea to check with your financial institution prior to purchasing your subscription to understand any fees that may be charged.

When does my subscription purchase my entry?

For most games your subscription will purchase your entry in the morning after the previous draw. 

For Lucky Lotteries your subscription will purchase your entry once all tickets have been sold in the previous draw- during periods where draws sell out quickly your subscription could purchase entries multiple times a day. 

You'll receive an email confirmation of your purchase and should you not wish to play your entry for any reason you can cancel it from within your Ticket History up until draw close.

How do I pay for a subscription?

Entries purchased using a subscription are paid for from the available funds in your online account. If there are not enough funds in your online account we will use the backup payment method you provided (Debit, Credit or Paypal) when creating your subscription. If there are any issues with payment we will notify you via email.

How do I manage my subscriptions?

To make changes to your subscriptions simply visit the 'Subscriptions' section within your online account using either The Lott website or The Lott app. From there you can:

  • Pause - place a subscription on hold whenever you choose
  • Reactivate - paused subscriptions can be reactivated at any time
  • Cancel - any unwanted subscriptions can also be removed from your online account.

For more information on subscriptions, check out our Help Centre. Account Terms and Conditions apply to subscriptions purchases.



Create a subscription

Available online or via The Lott app. Select a game below to get started: