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What is a Favourite?

A Favourite is when you save numbers for a given entry on your player card or online account for future use. With your membership you can store up to 50 sets of Favourite numbers. If you need to edit or add new numbers, it's as simple as updating them in-store, online or through The Lott app. 

How do I play a Favourite entry?

Present your membership card in-store and ask to play a Favourite. Online account holders can select to play and manage favourites once logged in by choosing ‘Favourites’ from the ‘Play’ menu.

Favourites recorded to a membership card which is linked to an online account can be played both in-store and online. 

How do I create Favourite entries?

When playing in-store simply mark the membership box on your game coupon to indicate that you would like the entry and associated numbers saved to your membership or ask your Retailer for assistance.

Online you can create Favourites by logging into your account. Alternatively you can select the ‘Make this a Favourite’ option when purchasing an entry.

Favourites are available for:



Create a Favourite

Available in-store, online or via The Lott app