Lucky Lotteries is a raffle style game that guarantees over 10,000 winners in every draw. Unlike other lottery games, you will never have to share your winnings as each number in the draw is unique!

  • There are two fun games to play – Super Jackpot and Mega Jackpot. Each draw has a set amount of numbers per draw.
  • Once all available numbers are sold, the winning numbers are randomly drawn.
  • To identify the winners, each game has 2 draws. To win the Jackpot, your number must match one of the winning numbers in the first draw and the jackpot number in the second draw.

How do I win Lucky Lotteries?

Whether you choose to play the Super Jackpot or Mega Jackpot, each game has 10 cash prize levels and 10 consolation prize levels plus a chance to win the jackpot.

To identify the winners, each game has 2 draws.

The first draw determines the guaranteed winning numbers. To win a cash prize, your number must match one of the winning numbers drawn. But if you miss by a whisker, any numbers that are 1 number off the winning numbers drawn will win a consolation prize.

The second draw determines the jackpot number. If the jackpot number is the same as any of the winning numbers drawn in the first draw, then the jackpot prize is won. If the jackpot number does not match one of the winning numbers drawn, you will win a consolation prize.

To learn more, see the How to Win section for the Lucky Lotteries prize table.

When does the Lucky Lotteries draw close?

Lucky Lotteries draw closes once all available numbers in that draw are sold. View Draw Schedule to see upcoming Lucky Lotteries draw.

Where can I play Lucky Lotteries?


How do I play Lucky Lotteries?


1. The first step to playing Lucky Lotteries is deciding if you want to play Super Jackpot, Mega Jackpot or both!

  • Super Jackpot is $2.20 per number and has a guaranteed 1st prize of $100,000 in every draw.
  • Mega Jackpot is $5.50 per number and has a guaranteed 1st prize of $200,000 in every draw. With less numbers per a game, Mega Jackpot offers better odds of winning any prize.

2. Choose which draws you would like to enter – current draw and/or advance draws.

3. Choose how you would like your numbers selected.

  • Random order (your numbers will be randomly allocated)
  • Sequential order (your numbers will be allocated in order)

4. Choose how many numbers you would like to play – 1-10 for Random numbers or up to 2,000 for Sequential numbers.

5. You can also choose how long you want to play for.

  • If you're planning a holiday or won't be able to make it to your local store, you can purchase an entry into an Advance draw
  • If you play online you can subscribe to automatically play into every draw.

How do I check my Lucky Lotteries ticket?

Lucky Lotteries results are available via The Lott website after each draw. As Lucky Lotteries can be drawn at any time, you can also opt in to receive Lucky Lotteries results via email.

You can check your Lucky Lotteries ticket online, in-store, or scan your ticket using The Lott app. See our Results Services page for more information on how to get your results.

Game Rules

View the official Game Rules for Lucky Lotteries.