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This is just one of many Set for Life First Prize Winners who are experiencing that winning feeling every month for 20 years! Each winner has a unique story to tell as they celebrate $20K Day every month. Here is just some of things our winners have been up to:

 “We’ve done so much since we won in 2015 – it’s completely changed our lives. We’ve travelled throughout Australia, Europe, and America. We’ve done a few road trips and helped our family in various ways too.” – Victorian winner, August 2015

 “Every month I receive my payment I have a little "woohoo" moment – all the dreams I’ve had are now a reality. I still can't really believe it until that money lands in my account every month - it's awesome! I have been able to help out my children, go overseas for a few holidays, do some renovations to our home and I’ve even retired from work!” – Queensland winner, February 2017


“Set for life is the perfect name for this game, because I really am Set for Life! We’ve given money to family, fixed our house, paid our mortgage off, travelled, and given to charities. We’re worry free now!” – New South Wales winner, August 2015

 “We feel so blessed knowing that we have a secure income for the next 20 years! Winning Set for Life has allowed us to buy a caravan and travel around Australia, renovate the home and shop without looking for the specials!” – Victorian winner, March 2016

Set for Life gives you the chance to win $20,000 every month for 20 years – that’s $20K on replay, 240 times!

It is the only game that allows you to play your numbers across 7 consecutive daily draws – meaning you have the chance to be Set for Life every day of the week!


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