A Figtree woman in her 20s has declared discovering her $200,000 lottery win yesterday made for the best afternoon of her life – apart from when she married her husband.

The Wollongong winner held the 1st Prize winning entry in Lucky Lotteries Mega Jackpot draw 1599, drawn on Tuesday 29 November 2022.

“Oh my god! This is so exciting!” she exclaimed when her $200,000 win was confirmed by us.

“I play Lucky Lotteries all the time, but the most I’ve ever won is a couple of hundred dollars. This is certainly a step up.

“I was just out shopping, and I thought I’d better check my ticket. When they told me I’d won, I had to go outside and sit down. I couldn’t move.

“I really can’t believe it. It’s going to make a huge difference.

“We’ll have to decide what we do with the prize, but we might use it to buy a new house.

“I’m still waiting to wake up from this dream. I’ve dreamt about winning the lottery a few times, but I’ve always woken up and thought, ‘bugger, it’s not real’. But now it’s happened.

“I’m still in shock.

“It’s the best afternoon I’ve ever had… apart from marrying my husband.”

The Wollongong resident’s entry of one random number was purchased at Keira Street Newsagency, Shop 6, 175 Keira Street, Wollongong.

Keira Street Newsagency owner Yizheng Cai said he was thrilled to see another win at his outlet.

“I’m very happy for the winner, even though it’s not me,” he laughed.

“This year has been a lucky one for my shop. About two months ago, we sold a 2nd Prize winning ticket in Lucky Lotteries, and now we’ve sold a 1st Prize winning ticket. Maybe next time, we’ll sell the Jackpot Prize winning ticket!

“We wish our winner all the very best with her prize!”