From devouring a three-kilogram steak to overdue family reunions, 100 Australians have found plenty of ways to enjoy a Lucky Lotteries 1st Prize or Jackpot Prize so far in 2021, thanks to the oldest game in Australia’s lottery history book! 

This year marks the 90th birthday of the Lucky Lotteries, and its mascot, our feline friend Lucky the Cat, certainly isn’t ‘kitten’ around during his milestone year - delivering $29.45 million in prize money to 98 1st Prize winners, and two Jackpot Prize winners.

It’s been a whirlwind of phone calls during the past 10 months, with our latest Lucky Lotteries major winners reacting to the joyful news in a multitude of ways.

Some dropped to the floor, others reacted with expletives, while stunned silence was the most we could get out of many.

This morning, we surprised the 100th Lucky Lotteries major prize winner for 2021, a Gold Coast construction worker and avid surfer.

“I’m blown away. Speechless. I can’t believe it,” he shared.

“I got a few seconds of shaking there and some goosebumps too. The chill went up my spine, but now I feel divine!

“It’s going to make a huge difference to my family. We’ll put half on the mortgage and treat ourselves with the other half – go surfing, train, keep fit.

“It’s fantastic news – just in time for Christmas!”

The biggest Lucky Lotteries prize so far this year was a $9.41 million Jackpot Prize won by a Coolangatta man, who was about to go on his lunch break when he discovered he was now a multi-millionaire.

When it comes to celebrating the ‘paw-sitive’ news, most winners choose to treat themselves to a glass of bubbly or a fancy dinner. 

However, back in May, a man from Alstonville in New South Wales felt so inspired by his good fortune that he booked his COVID-19 jab. Another winner from North Queensland celebrated his windfall with a whooping three-kilogram steak!

In terms of how the winners spent their Lucky Lotteries prizes, paying off the mortgage, helping friends and family, and planning a future holiday were at the top of the list. 

Who will be our next Lucky Lotteries winner? Stay tuned for their story.