Australia’s oldest lottery game isn’t ‘kitten’ around – Lucky the Cat has crowned the 100th Lucky Lotteries 1st Prize winner for 2022 – and it’s only June!  

Reaching the same milestone last year in October, the past six months at The Lott has seen a heavy roster of phone calls with ecstatic 1st Prize Lucky Lotteries winners.

A Cowandilla man was crowned our 100th  winner, and we managed to catch him with the exciting news when he knocked off work early to visit The Lott head office in South Australia.  

“I can’t believe it. How cool!” he chuckled.

“I can’t wait to tell some of my family later today. They won’t believe it. 

“I’m also the 100th winner in Lucky Lotteries for this year? That’s pretty cool!”

With this year’s 1st Prize winners sharing in a collective $12,100,000 in prize money, other ‘fur-tunate’ winners had similar reactions when finding out they’d won. 

A Seven Hills man was overjoyed when he discovered his life-changing news of a $100,000 win close to his birthday.  

“Wow! Wow! This is the first time I’ve ever won anything like this in over 50 years. Oh, please. I can’t believe it,” he exclaimed.

“My birthday is coming up this month, so this is such a great early birthday gift. It’s magic! What a birthday wish!  

“I’ll have to tell my wife the news. She won’t believe it.”  

A Lismore local was another deserving winner in the Lucky Lotteries Super Jackpot earlier this year, with his $100,000 winnings giving his flood recovery efforts a welcome boost.  

“I lost almost everything when the floods hit us earlier in the year so I’m struggling to process this,” he said.

“This win is going to help me pay a few bills, fix a few things and just rebuild. 

“Thanks so much, it’s amazing,”  

With another six months remaining in 2022, Lucky Lotteries will continue to crown many more winners – could Lucky the cat even have his sights on a record number of first prize winners this year?

We can’t wait to find out.