A Goolwa couple received the surprise of a lifetime when they returned home from their holiday to discover they became newly-minted millionaires in the weekend’s Saturday X Lotto draw.

The South Australian pair held one of the three division one winning entries in Saturday X Lotto draw 4329, drawn Saturday 14 January 2023, and took home $1,945,326.05.

The winning entry was not registered to a player card, which meant we had no way of contacting the winning ticketholder and had to wait for them to come forward.

“Wow! I’m numb!” the winning man revealed when we confirmed his windfall late yesterday afternoon.

“I’ve always wondered what it feels like to win the lottery. It’s a strange, but awesome feeling!

“We bought the Saturday X Lotto ticket last Friday, and then we went on a holiday. We left the ticket at home, and we couldn’t check it until we came back.

“My wife saw on social media that there was a mystery winner who had bought a division one winning ticket from Goolwa Pharmacy which was where we bought ours.

“I said to my wife, ‘It can’t be ours! It can’t be ours!’. Then we searched to see which draw the ticket won in, and we realised it was the same draw, and I started to cheer, ‘It could be ours!’.

“We scanned the ticket on The Lott app and the winning six numbers lit up like a Christmas tree. We couldn’t believe it! It was a whirlwind of emotions.

“This year is going to be bright!”

With $1.9 million about to land in their bank account, the dynamic duo shared they looked forward to never renting again.

“Buying a house is first on the cards because we’ve been renting for a while now,” he said.

“We will definitely celebrate over a nice dinner, and I can guarantee it will probably be another sleepless night!”

Their winning entry was purchased at Goolwa Pharmacy, Shop 10-12 Goolwa Shopping Centre, 33 Hutchinson Street, Goolwa.

Goolwa Pharmacy team member Kirstie said her team couldn’t be happier that the division one winning entry went to a local couple.

“We’re so happy to hear they’ve finally discovered their life-changing win. We’ve been patiently waiting for the ticketholder to check their ticket and come forward,” she said.

“We can imagine everyone in the community is overjoyed to hear that a local family has taken home a division one win from our outlet.

“This division one winning entry is sure to be the start of a winning streak for us. We sold our last division one winning entry four years ago, so it’s great to see another win come our way.

“Congratulations to the winning family and we hope you enjoy your newfound wealth!”