A Goulburn man has stunned his partner after his long-running joke about winning the Lotto finally came true with a $540,000 prize in the weekend’s draw.

The New South Wales resident held one of the nine division one winning entries in Saturday Lotto draw 4477 on Saturday 15 June 2024. Each division one winning entry pocketed $541,052.71.

The winning man had just checked his ticket when we called to confirm the life-changing news.

“What the hell! This is kickas**! I just checked my ticket. I’m dumbfounded!” he exclaimed.

“That’s outstanding. Sorry, I’m really trying to maintain my composure here!

“All I keep thinking is, ‘This is a lifesaver!’.

“Thank you so much. I’m lost for words.

“People have always said, ‘Don’t bother playing; you’ll never win.’. I guess you have that thought in the back of your mind, but you always have a bit of hope.

“I’m on a roller coaster of emotions.

“This is going to help so much. It’ll set me and my partner up and we’ll be able to get a mortgage.

“I actually just sent her a screenshot of my ticket. I’ve tricked her so many times she didn’t believe me at first.

“Whenever I win $14 or something small, I always go ‘I won Lotto!’.

“She’s very shocked it’s real this time. I think we’ll plan a short weekend away and maybe take a couple of days off work!”

The man’s 50-game QuickPick entry was purchased on The Lott website – the official home of Australia’s lotteries.