Melbourne’s eastern suburbs saw a flurry of division one wins over the weekend with a Croydon man and a Ringwood East woman each scoring more than $1.5 million in Saturday’s TattsLotto draw. 

The winners each held a division one winning entry in TattsLotto draw 4113, drawn Saturday 19 December 2020. Each division one winning entry takes home a prize worth $1,536,073.95. 

Croydon man vows to keep working despite TattsLotto win 

Sharing his excitement with us this morning, the Croydon man recounted the moment he discovered his life-changing win. 

“I visit the same newsagency every week to buy my ticket,” he explained. 

“Usually I check my ticket on Saturday night, but for some reason this week I didn’t. 

“I woke up at 6am on Sunday and saw that my local outlet had sold a division one winning entry. 

“I didn’t check my ticket then because I wanted to go back to sleep, but it had got the better of me, and I finally decided to check it. 

“I checked my ticket on the app and bingo I was the winner! 

“I had to keep looking at the screen to make sure it did say one point five million, not one point five thousand dollars. 

“I screenshotted the app, and I just keep staring at it. 

“The ticket is in my wallet, and I have been clutching it tightly ever since I discovered the win.” 

When asked how he planned to enjoy life as a newly-minted millionaire, the generous winner said he couldn’t wait to help his family. 

“I’m too young to retire. I’ll have to keep working so I’ve got something to do!” he laughed. 

“It’s come at a good time right before Christmas. It means I’ll be able to be a bit more generous with the Christmas presents and spoil the family a bit more. 

“I think it’s great when lots of players win a smaller amount because then it’s more people out there spending it on their families. 

“I’ve always played so I’ll keep playing and anything else I win means I can just be more generous with sharing it!” 

The regular player, who wishes to remain anonymous purchased his winning entry at Croydon Lotto, 118 Main Street, Croydon. 

Croydon Lotto owner Aman Katoch said he was thrilled to discover his outlet had sold a division one winning entry. 

“I was half asleep when I read the email notifying me of our win. I got so excited I had to keep opening the email, again and again, to make sure it was real!” he exclaimed. 

“We’ve decorated the store for Christmas, but we’ll be adding to those decorations with balloons and posters to celebrate the win. 

“We’ve been waiting for a win for a while, so we are going to celebrate in a big way with our customers. 

“I’m so thankful for our customers, supporting us in an uncertain and tough time. 

“It’s our pleasure to share this exciting news with our customers. There cannot be a better way to wrap up 2020. We hope to sell many more division one winning entries! 

“Heartiest congratulations to our winner! May this win help you and your family in fulfilling your dreams. 

“It’s the best Christmas present for you and your family!" 

Early Christmas surprise for Ringwood East TattsLotto winner 

When the Ringwood East woman heard the life-changing news this morning, she couldn’t contain her shock. 

“You’re going to give me a heart attack!” she exclaimed. 

“It couldn’t have come at a better time. A win like this is exactly what my family needs after a tough year.” 

The happy winner purchased her entry at Paul’s Pantry IGA, 82-84 Railway Avenue, Ringwood East. 

Paul’s Pantry IGA manager Kerrin McIntosh said the whole team was excited to discover their outlet had sold a division one winning entry. 

“This is the first major prize we’ve sold at our store, so there is a rush of excitement throughout the whole team!” she exclaimed. 

“We’ve decorated the store with balloons and streamers. It’s creating a real buzz in-store. 

“We are telling all of our customers the good news! We are sure they will be very excited to know a Ringwood East local has won and hoping the winner’s luck rubs off on them. 

“Our outlet is very community and family orientated so we are delighted that our community will benefit from someone in the area winning! 

“We’ve sold a few second divisions over the past couple of months, so we are thrilled to finally have sold a division one prize! 

“We would like to send our very best wishes to our winner, and we hope it helps her live a better life!”