The Weekday Windfall lottery is a fresh take on the Monday & Wednesday Lotto game you know and love, with an increase to the division one prize pool and addition of a Friday draw!

To give you the most chances to enhance your life with a potential $1 million prize, we’ve outlined what it takes to win the Weekday Windfall lottery.

What's the Weekday Windfall lottery?

The Weekday Windfall game is the new-look Monday & Wednesday Lotto. The addition of a Friday draw – alongside Monday and Wednesday – and the increased division one winner cap for up to six winners will give players more chances to become a millionaire, three times a week. In good news for long-time players, the chance of winning any prize, including division one, and rules of the game, remain the same for Weekday Windfall as Monday & Wednesday Lotto.

How to win the Weekday Windfall lottery

All you need to do to win the Weekday Windfall lottery is match six numbers from one to 45 in a single game panel to win a guaranteed division one prize of $1 million if up to six winners. If the new cap is reached, the division one winners will receive an equal share of the $6 million prize pool.

Players will also have the chance to win larger prizes across divisions two to six. You can win a prize by matching as few as one or two winning numbers plus two supplementary numbers.

Weekday Windfall entry types

As was the case for Monday & Wednesday Lotto, for Weekday Windfall you can play marked entries with your chosen numbers, or opt for a QuickPick entry where the numbers are randomly generated for you.

The Weekday Windfall lottery also has a new entry on offer: the Weekday 3 Play.

There's two Weekday 3 Play bundles to choose from:

  • $10 bundle: Gives you five games in each draw of the Weekday Windfall lottery across one week (being a single Monday, Wednesday, and Friday draw)
  • $30 bundle: Gives you 15 games in each draw of the Weekday Windfall lottery across one week (being a single Monday, Wednesday, and Friday draw).

A Syndicate is a group of players working together to increase your chance of winning. A  group of players mean you can pool your money to buy a bigger entry, which could give you more chances to win the Weekday Windfall lottery. If your syndicate wins, the prizes are shared among all syndicate members! Find everything you need to know to create your own Syndicate here.

Cashcade Celebrations and Double Your Win promos

The new-look Weekday Windfall lottery means a refresh of the Cashcade Celebrations. The promotion will give winners across divisions two to six a chance to share in an additional $1 million, whether there’s a division one winner or not!

The Double Your Win special promotion will continue to give customers the opportunity to double any prizes won across division two to six. Stay tuned as news of these exciting offers take place soon.

The first Weekday Windfall draw (4392) takes place Monday 20 May 2024, with tickets available to purchase in store, online, and via The Lott app from Monday, 6 May 2024.