Introducing NEW Set for Life


Set for Life is Australia's only lottery game that offers an ongoing Division 1 prize, giving you the chance to win $20,000 a month for 20 years!*

Set for Life has captured the imagination of Aussies dreaming of receiving a hefty $20,000 addition to their bank accounts on the 15th of every month, but we knew we could do more.

Read on below for more details on the changes we’ve made to Set for Life or you can visit our How to Play page.  








A shiny new Division 2 annuity prize

You were loud and clear; players loved how Set for Life’s Division 1 prize was paid in instalments over time and wanted to see this expanded to other divisions.

We’ve updated the prize within Division 2 to offer up to four prize winners $5,000 every month for a year! If there are more than 4 winners within Division 2, they’ll each share the total Division 2 prize pool equally via monthly instalments. 


Improved odds of winning any prize


Players will now choose 7 numbers per game panel, with the range of available numbers increasing from 1 - 37 to 1 - 44.

As you need to match all winning numbers in a single game, that's one less number required to win Division 1!

Winning Combinations

Set for Life has 8 winning prize divisions. The winning combinations and odds of winning each Set for Life prize division are shown below:



Set for Life Favourites and Subscriptions

As a result of the Set for Life game changes, players are now only required to choose 7 numbers per game panel with the range of available numbers from 1 - 44. You can review your Set for Life Favourites and Subscriptions at any time in your online account or via The Lott app.


A minor update to our lingo

Whilst our keenest players may already notice, we've updated some of the terminology we’ve created in the past uniquely for Set for Life to make it simpler for players already playing our other lottery games:






Price increase to support these exciting changes

To support these exciting changes, the price of playing Set for Life has increased by 5 cents per game, per draw for entries purchased from Tuesday, 17 March.

2 Games, 7 Draws
Now $9.30
3 Games, 7 Draws
4 Games, 7 Daily Draws
5 Games, 7 Daily Draws
10 Games, 7 Daily Draws
15 Games, 7 Daily Draws
25 Games, 7 Daily Draws
50 Games, 7 Daily Draws



Game Rules

To make way for these changes the official Game Rules for Set for Life will be updated for draws which occur from 23 March 2020. A copy of the new rules, which apply to entries you are buying from 17 March 2020, are available here.

*Div 1 Prize for up to 4 winners, prize pool shared if there are more than 4 winners.