The Lott loves the holiday season!

We love sharing with family and friends, the spirit of giving, and taking time to celebrate.

We love to bring you Mega-sized end-of-year draws, help stuff stockings with Instant Scratch-Its, and see outlets deck the halls with tinsel, gift packs and holiday Syndicates.

But most of all, we love to crown 'silly season' winners and look forward to hearing heartwarming stories from people sharing the joy of their win at this special time.

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Instant Scratch-Its tickets 

Whatever the reason or occasion, Instant Scratch-Its has a wide range of tickets on offer. Why not check out the Christmas tickets?


$40M NYE Megadraw

The New Year's Eve draw offered up a share of a $40 Million Division 1 prize pool. Find out more about the final draw for the year!

The Lott year in review 

What a year! With new millionaires, plenty of multi-millionaires, and Australian lottery history with a record breaking $160 million Powerball jackpot. 2022 has certainly been a big year so far! We can't wait to see what the festive season brings for lotteries players!


The Christmas gift that's an instant hit


Instant Scratch-Its® tickets are the gift that’s an instant hit, with a range of products to choose from that will suit anyone you are buying for. Click the images below to find out how you can use Instant Scratch-Its tickets for Christmas. 



Holiday Syndicates

Get into the spirit of sharing and set up a syndicate with family and friends! A syndicate is a group entry where the cost of the entry is shared, along with any winnings.

Play your favourite holiday syndicate

You can now get shares in your holiday syndicates online! Using our new online tool, you can search for your local lottery outlet and purchase available syndicate shares to increase your chances to win!*

Set up your own holiday syndicate

Want to gather your friends, family or workmates together this holiday season with your own syndicate? Pool your money, and set up a syndicate for the silly season using our SyndiMate tool

*A bigger entry gives you more chances to win a share of the prize pool. Syndicate shares are limited and available until sold out. 


City Hall Lights 

Community news


There's a Christmas type for everyone.

Take the quiz below to find out which one matches your personality! 

Q1. Your ideal holiday is all about:


Adventure and thrills

Entertainment and good food


Q2. What’s your favourite kind of gift to receive? 

Something meaningful 

New experiences

Things for the home

Q3. The best Christmas lunch includes:

A home-cooked roast

A potluck where everyone brings something

A seafood platter, lots of garlic, lots of lemon 


 Q4. What tops your Christmas playlist?

A classic carol

An Australian remake

All the pop Christmas hits

 Q5. Thoughts on Christmas gifts for pets? 

They get some leftover ham 

Sure, they’re part of the family

An absolute must. They’ve already got outfits and a stocking

 Q6. The best way to help others at Christmas time is:

Random acts of kindness


Donating to a charity

 Q7. It properly feels like Christmas when: 

The Christmas tree goes up

The cricket starts

Cherries and mangos are in season

 Q8. You’re dreaming of a Christmas that’s:


Brings your favourite people together

The best one yet!


If you answered...


Merry Moments 

You’re sensible, thoughtful and enjoy the simple things in life. A little boost to your Christmas creature comforts makes all the difference.


Best in snow

Optimistic, friendly, and living life to the full — as long as you’re having fun, your Christmas will be a winner.


Make it rein

You’ve got taste, you’ve got style, and you’ve got the confidence to match. Everyone knows you can turn the festive season from ordinary to extraordinary. 


Dreaming of a winning Christmas?