Have you ever wondered what it’s like to win more than $100 million?

Australia's biggest lottery winner shares her story: Watch now!


- PART 1 -

How the record-breaking prize has changed the life of one Sydney nurse

"We were able to buy a lovely house and it's going to be a family home for generations to come."

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- PART 2 -

What's it like to tell your family you're suddenly $107 million richer?

“No one has told me that I’ve changed or anything like that. But I haven’t changed. It doesn’t matter how much money I have, people need me to be me and that’s really important.”

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The Lott recently sat down with an inner-city Sydney nurse who, in early 2019, became the recipient of the biggest individual prize ever won in Australian lottery history - a phenomenal $107,575,649.08!

She wanted Australia to know how she and many others are enjoying the mind-blowing Powerball prize, how it’s changed her life, and the lives of her closest family and friends.

We've released a four-part video series that explores what life has been like for the mum in her 40s since her big win.

Is she living it up overseas on a luxury yacht, or is she still working as a nurse in Sydney? Which of life’s luxuries does she now indulge in, and what household chores has she banished forever? We now to find out all the details!

- PART 3 -

How does it really feels to win a multi-million-dollar Powerball prize?

"Honestly everyone I told broke down in tears, happy tears.

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- PART 4 -

Advice to the next winner from Australia's biggest lottery winner.

"Run, don't walk to a really good financial advisor."

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