How do you think your family and friends would react if you told them you’d won a multi-million-dollar lottery prize?

After tonight’s $60 million Powerball draw, one player may be left wondering exactly that. 

To guide them through their decision making, Australia’s biggest individual lottery winner has shared her experience. 

Watch the video about Australia’s biggest individual lottery winner here.

The Sydney mum took home a $107 million Powerball prize in January 2019 and admits she was overwhelmed by the reactions of her family and friends when she shared the life-changing news. 

“Only a handful of people know the full truth,” she said. 

“Honestly, everyone I told broke down in tears, happy tears. 

“I don’t think one person didn’t have a little cry. They were all genuinely so happy and excited for me!”

The nurse told us she let the news sink in before deciding exactly who she wanted to share it with.

“The people I have told were all so thrilled to be let in on the secret and be one of the people who helped guide me in the right direction,” she explained. 

“I have a small group of very loyal friends, and you just don’t know how people will react but I haven’t had any negative responses. 

“No one has told me that I’ve changed or anything like that. But I haven’t changed. It doesn’t matter how much money I have, people need me to be me and that’s really important.” 

As well as letting a small group of family and friends in on the secret, she also chose to tell her boss. 

“I do have a wonderful work environment, and when I told my boss, she just grabbed me and gave me the biggest hug,” she laughed.

“She so thrilled, but it was hard for me to tell her initially because you just don’t know how it’s going to go. 

“She was more worried about if I was going to quit my job, but I told her I needed to keep working. 

“Nursing is something that is in my DNA. I can’t not do it!”