When you sit back on a Saturday morning, sipping your coffee and daydreaming about what you could do if you become a millionaire, the possibilities seem endless.

With the $30 Million* Megadraw fast approaching on Saturday, 29 December, we’ve put together a list of 30 things you could do if you won $1 million to help spark your imagination about how different 2019 could be if you shared in the $30 Million* division one prize.  

1.     Fly first class

Sitting at the pointy end of the plane is a fantasy most of us will never get to experience but with a division one win you could make turning left a frequent occurrence when you (and even your family and friends) become a first-class regular.  

2.     Study

A division one Lotto win could afford you the time to study that degree you’ve always wanted. Whether you grew up wanting to be an architect or a teacher, let your win help you release your career dreams!

3.    Go glamping at Uluru

With a division one win you and your mates could go glamping at Longitude 131° and enjoy the comfort of their luxury tents overlooking the unparalleled views of Uluru from the end of your bed every day.

4.    Donate to your favourite charities

We all have charities and causes that are close to our hearts, and by sharing your division one windfall, you could also brighten someone else’s life.

5.     Caravan around Australia

Not only would you be able to treat yourself to the latest luxury caravan but you would also have the bonus of endless time to sit back relax, and really see the sites of this beautiful country we call home!

6.     Help family and friends

Whether you’ve always dreamed of paying off your children’s mortgage, taking your parents on a holiday, or treating your best friend to their dream car, you could have the money to put a smile on the face of everyone on the top of your Lotto List!

7.     Book an around the world holiday

Tick off all your bucket list destinations in one go with an around the world holiday. Bon voyage!

8.     Supply books to a local library

If you’re passionate about books and the arts why not supply books to your local library? Most libraries are always looking for donations!

9.     Go skydiving at Mount Everest, Nepal

If you consider yourself a thrill seeker then you may dream of spending your windfall travelling to Mount Everest, Nepal to take part in the adventure that is the pinnacle of all adventures.

10.  Sponsor a community sports team

Support your local netball, touch football, or softball team and sponsor them for the season. You may become their unofficial hype squad!

11.  Hot air ballooning in Cappadocia, Turkey

Cappadocia, Turkey is known to be one of the best places in the world to go hot air ballooning. If it’s always been on your bucket list, with a division one windfall it could be time to tick it off!

12.  Supply laptops to 33 classrooms at your local school

With a division one prize of $1 million or more you could impact the lives of over 1,000 families by supplying laptops to 33 classrooms at your local school, or even the school you went to!

13.  Spend New Year’s Eve at a penthouse in New York City

Invite your favourite people in the world to watch the ball drop and bring in the New Year with a bang in a New York City penthouse.

14.  Volunteer

Have you ever driven to your work place and wondered if there was more you could do for the community, if only you had time?

That’s what winning a share in the $30 Million* Megadraw could grant you. When money isn’t a stress factor, you could use your time to positively help those around you.

15.  Island hop your way around Greece

Island life is calling your name. Spend the rest of your days island hoping around Greece with your division one win!

16.  Turn your passion or side-hustle into a small business

Whether you’re a passionate gardener, baker, costume designer, or candle maker; the sky is the limit when it comes to career side hustles after winning division one.

Turning your passion into a successful, thriving business could give you that winning feeling all over again in years to come.

17.  Help your family members retire early

Imagine being able to tell a hardworking family member that they can kick their feet up and retire early?

18.  Cruise the Mediterranean for over two months

Buffet dinners, cocktails in pool-side lounge chairs, spa treatments and extravagant activities. Life could be a cruise with a Megadraw win.

19.  Pay off your son/daughter’s university fees

The average cost of an undergraduate degree is $30,000. If you won a share in the $30 Million* Megadraw you could afford to give your children a head start in their working life and still have money left over for yourself!

20.  Go on a safari in the Serengeti National Park

Is seeing the big five animals on your bucket list? Make it happen and go on safari to see lions, leopards, rhinoceros, elephants and buffalo in Serengeti National Park!

21.  Pay it forward at your local coffee shop every day for the rest of your life

You could use your win to put a smile on someone’s face every day for the rest of your life simply by paying for their coffee.

Sometimes it’s the little things, isn’t it?

22.  Sponsor a village in Africa

With $1 million you could make a difference to a whole village by providing funding for education, health initiatives and living quality improvement programs.

23.  Get a massage a day for 27 years

Enjoy an hour of me-time every day for the next 27 years!

24.  Give supplies to your local animal shelter

Local animal shelters are largely made up of volunteer staff and heavily rely on donations from the public to keep them going.

If you consider yourself an animal lover you may decide a good way to spend some of your prize to supply them with the essentials they need until those animals find their fuuurever homes.

25.  Attend every event at the 2020 Olympics

The 2020 Olympics are approaching and tickets have gone on sale. Sports fanatics may want to spend their windfall snatching up a ticket to every event!

26.  Go skiing in Whistler, Canada

Boasting dramatic mountain scenery and a lively scene, Whistler is a great travel destination for skiers and non-skiers alike!

27.  Publish your own book

Many of us either dream of writing a book or have been told by others after telling a story “you should write a book one day”.

After a division one win that dream could become a reality and you could even afford to self-publish!

28.  Host a family reunion

As we get older our family members move interstate and sometimes even internationally. Get the family together again and have a reunion to remember with your windfall!

29.  Move to acreage and have a hobby farm

If you’re a homebody using a $1 million win to move to an acreage estate and have a hobby farm maybe right up your alley!

30.  Get your pilot’s licence

Those pilot lessons are expensive, but a division one win gives you the opportunity to pursue those passions you’ve always dreamed about.


What would you choose to do if you receive that winning phone call from us after the $30 Million* Megadraw on Saturday 29th December?


*Division 1 Prize Pool