A Delahey mum had a Mother’s Day she’ll never forget after discovering she had become an overnight multi-millionaire.

The Melbourne woman held one of the six division one winning entries nationally in TattsLotto draw 3945, drawn Saturday 11 May 2019. Each division one winning entry takes home a prize of $3,333,333.34.

Her winning entry was purchased at Delahey Village Lotto, Kiosk 6-7, Delahey Village Shopping Centre, 260 Taylors Road, Delahey.

In addition to winning division one, the Delahey woman’s entry also won division three 36 times, division four 253 times and division five 84 times, bolstering her total prize to $3,387,144.44.

Speaking to us this morning to confirm her prize, the Victorian mum couldn’t contain her delight.

“Don’t forget the 44 cents,” she laughed after hearing the life-changing sum.

“We discovered very late Saturday night, early Sunday morning. It was a nice Mother’s Day present.

“This has been probably about 35 years in the making! I’ve been using the same numbers – they’re birthdays and memorable days and things like that.

“I was in total disbelief. I’m still kind of a bit weird about it. I don’t know. I’m still not really with it. It’s just incredible.

“My husband and I often said if we were to ever win, it would be just our luck that there would be 30 winners and we might get $200,000, which would still be nice, but it’s not a million.

“This prize is just an unbelievable. It’s the icing on top of the cake.”

The new multi-millionaire shared she already had some plans for her prize, especially for those at the top of her Lotto List – her cherished family.

“It will be so good and fantastic for the kids. It also means we can pay the kids’ mortgages and have some left over for ourselves. We’ll be able to do some renovations and take a few holidays,” she said.

Delahey Village Lotto owner Yomi Shah said he was thrilled to have sold another division one winning entry.

“When I found out that we had sold division one, I was so excited and happy for our winner. This is the biggest prize someone has won from our outlet since we bought this business three years ago,” he said.

“We can't stop telling everyone that we sold division one. We will be telling each and every customer for the rest of the week!

“Customers are so happy for the winner and they already start asking me ‘when will you sell me a division one winning ticket?’.

“Interestingly, last Mother’s Day we sold a division one winning syndicate.  A year later, we sold another division one winner.

“We’re glad our winner had such a memorable Mother's Day!

“So far we have sold five or six division one winning entries during the past three years. Hopefully, we'll have many more division one wins in the near future.”