The world may be counting down to the end of 2019, but here at the Lott we’ve been counting up! 

All year we’ve eagerly watched the number of Saturday Lotto millionaires climb and we were thrilled to see the game had crowned over 90 millionaires even before we’d reached December.

Then just days before the calendar and our tally is due to reset, Saturday Lotto’s $30 Million Megadraw went off with a bang! 

Eleven Aussies became multi-millionaires in this end-of-year special event, each taking home an incredible division one prize worth more than $2.7 million. 

It was a gold rush in the Sunshine State with five winning entries purchased in Queensland, while three landed in New South Wales, South Australia scored two winning entries, and Western Australia had one.

The eleven winners from the weekend’s Megadraw bring Saturday Lotto’s division one winning entry tally to a total of 289 for the year — of which 117 became overnight millionaires! 

We’ve been excitedly reaching out to the latest crop of winners to confirm their Megadraw windfall and have been overjoyed to hear their unique stories and reactions. However, without a doubt the overarching response from the winners we’ve spoken to has been complete disbelief. 

Here’s some of our favourite things we’ve heard in our winner’s call room today: 

 “I really can’t believe it. It is just insane.”
Ormeau mum
 “I can’t believe it’s real! Every now and then I just stop and think ‘no way! I’ll be spending the day thinking I need to pinch myself.”
Rockhampton dad
 “I can’t believe it. I can’t believe this is true!”
North Melbourne woman
“Are you sure one of my kids haven’t put you up to this?”
Morphett Vale grandmother

A Nerang man also served a bit of disbelief our way when he revealed that his Megadraw division one win was actually the second division one prize he’s scored. 

 “You probably won’t believe it, but I have won division one before!” he said. 

“Only a few years ago I shared a million-dollar winning syndicate with my friend. Now I’m a multi-millionaire. It’s unbelievable!” 

No doubt the country’s newest multi-millionaires will be looking forward to an incredible new year. Likewise, we can’t wait to see what 2020 brings and who our next Saturday Lotto millionaires will be!