Eleven Bendigo players will have an extra special Christmas this year after they scored a division one win in the weekend’s TattsLotto draw.

The victorious Victorians held two of the five division one winning entries in TattsLotto draw 4423, drawn Saturday 9 December 2023. Each division one winning entry scored prize of $989,296.72.

One of the division one winning entries was a 10-person store syndicate purchased at White Hills Amcal Pharmacy, 499 Napier Street, Bendigo.

The other winning entry was purchased from Champions Lotto Kangaroo Flat, 20 Station Street, Kangaroo Flat.

A merry Christmas for a merry band of 10 Bendigo syndicate members

A merry band of 10 Bendigo shoppers are part of a winning group that scored more than $989,000 in the weekend’s TattsLotto draw.

In addition to the $989,296.72 division one prize, the group’s marked System 10 entry also won division three 24 times, division four 90 times and division six 80 times – bolstering their total prize to $1,013,752.42.

Each syndicate member receives a share worth $101,375.24.

Shares into the winning syndicate was purchased at White Hills Amcal Pharmacy, 499 Napier Street, Bendigo.

White Hills Amcal Pharmacy owner Sanjay Jhaveri said he and his team were on cloud nine after discovering they had helped enhance the lives of 10 customers.

“It’s such wonderful news, so exciting. It’s been a long time coming since we’ve sold a division one winning entry and we’re so pleased we were able to fit one in right before Christmas,” he said.

“We can imagine this will be the start of a winning streak for us and we will be able to grace more customers with winning tickets and winning smiles!

“This syndicate has been on-going every Saturday and it’s called ‘Saturday TattsLotto’ – very straight to the point, and we’re glad the 10 customers who purchased shares won big with it!

“Congratulations to all the division one winning syndicate members and we wish them all the best with their prize. Christmas will be extraordinary for all of them, and their wish-lists will be sorted!”

While we’ll be reaching out to those syndicate members who registered their entries. However,  there are some who hold unregistered entries and may not yet know they’re part of this winning group.

If you purchased a share in a syndicate for the weekend’s TattsLotto draw, today’s the day to check it!

If you discover you’re holding a winning share, call The Lott on 131 868 to start the prize claim process.

$989,000 TattsLotto triumph unlocks door to dream home delight

A brand-new family home is about to become the reality for a Kangaroo Flat woman after she landed a life-enhancing $989,000 win in the weekend’s TattsLotto draw.

The long-time player acknowledged that the winning news brought along an unexpected side-effect – a night of no sleep.

“Oh, thank you so much. I couldn’t believe it,” she laughed when we relayed the winning news this morning.

“We were out most of yesterday and we didn’t get home until late.

“I decided to check my TattsLotto ticket right before bed. It flipped my night completely upside down. I was in so much shock that I couldn’t sleep at all.

“I rang my daughter immediately and she thought it was a scam!

“It’s going to take a while to wrap my head around it all.

“I’ve been renting for a very long time and have always wanted to buy a house.

“It will be the first thing I’ll do with the prize!”

Her winning 24-game QuickPick was purchased at Champions Lotto Kangaroo Flat, 20 Station Street, Kangaroo Flat.

Champions Lotto Kangaroo Flat store manager Owen Armston said his team were thrilled to have sold their second division one winning entry in less than three months.

“That’s such great news! We’re so happy for our winner and we hear she would like to buy a house with her prize. It’s lovely to hear it’s gone to someone who needs it most,” he said.

“We’ve had two division one wins in close succession and our team can’t get over it. We sold a winning store syndicate on October 21st, and it really has kicked off the big wins.

“This is our fifth division one winning entry in six years, and I can imagine there will be many more to come in 2024.

“Congratulations to the winning woman and her family. We truly wish her all the best with her prize and we’re so glad to hear she will be able to set her family up with a brand-new home.”