Forget coffee— turns out nothing will make you feel more wide awake like learning you’ve won $1 million. Unless of course you had no idea! 

Following Saturday Lotto’s Million-YEAH Saturday!, eight Australians are now starting the week $1 million richer. 

Drawn 27 July, Saturday Lotto’s Million-YEAH Saturday! was a unique and exciting occasion, supercharging the division one prize offer.

It was the event that was all about creating multiple millionaires in a single draw and it did exactly that! 
Australians jumped at the chance to take part in the special occasion and there were eight division one winning entries from the draw, each taking home a division one prize of $1 million. 

Queensland saw a gold rush, with four of the winners coming from the Sunshine State. New South Wales had two winning entries, while Victoria and Western Australia had one each. 

When we reached out to the winners on Monday morning, their reactions varied from shock and disbelief, to dancing around the living room. And while some admitted they had hardly slept since they saw their numbers come up, others were completely oblivious to the fact they had become a millionaire! 

A retired Lockyer Valley couple were definitely the latter and took some convincing before they believed the news. 

“Oh my goodness! How much are you saying we’ve won?” the husband said. 

“One million dollars? You are joking! I’ve got to sit down!” 

Similarly, a Morningside man got the shock of his life when we called to tell him of his windfall.

“Holy sh**! I am sorry I just dropped my phone,” he laughed. 

“Oh my god! I am absolutely stunned!”

While those winners adjusted to the fact they had spent the weekend unaware of their new millionaire status, others had been completely wired since they checked their tickets. 

“My husband was asleep on the couch so before I went to bed I thought I’d check my ticket,” explained a Victorian woman. 

“When I saw I had won I shook him awake and screamed ‘We’ve won $1 million!’.”

Turns out that nap on the couch would be the last bit of sleep her husband would get for a while. 

“We were dancing around the living room in celebration,” the woman said. 
“We didn’t get much sleep at all. We were still wide awake at three in the morning!”

A Sanctuary Point man had also had a sleepless night after discovering he had taken out division one. 

“I feel over-the-moon. I couldn’t sleep last night,” the tired but happy winner said.  

“I’m at work today but I can’t concentrate!” 

And we feel a bit the same! With eight winning entries creating eight new millionaires from Million-YEAH Saturday! we’ll be celebrating all week. But we’ll rely on our usual caffeine hit to keep us awake.