A Kilkenny couple was initially under the impression they’d won $179,000 in the weekend’s Saturday X Lotto draw until they checked their ticket for a second time and realised it was actually a $1.79 million win.

The Adelaide duo held one of the three division one winning entries in Saturday X Lotto draw 4249 on Saturday 9 April 2022. Each division one winning entry scored $1,799,494.87.

This morning, we reached out to the pair, who were patiently waiting by the phone to hear their winning news confirmed.

“We’re doing fabulously,” the winning woman laughed.

“We found out yesterday, and it was just fantastic! I’d logged into my online The Lott account to check my ticket and buy one for the following week when I saw the win.

“At first, I thought we’d won $179,000, not $1.79 million! I couldn’t believe it when I realised it was a million-dollar prize.

“I was elated! There was lots of screaming once it started to sink in.

“We were so excited last night. We didn’t get a wink of sleep! We’ve just been waiting to have the win confirmed by you.

“So last night, we just sat up deciding what to do with the prize.

“We’ve decided we’ll buy a new home and save the rest for our future retirements – which hopefully will be something we can do a lot earlier than planned!

“We haven’t had a chance to celebrate. But we might get a bottle of really nice champagne or wine tonight – maybe we’ll get a bottle of Dom Perignon or Joseph Perrier or something a bit like that!

“It was the most lovely surprise. We’re just soaking it all in now. Thank you so much.”

The winners purchased their marked 10-game entry online at thelott.com – the official home of Australia’s lotteries.