A Melton couple has confessed to feeling a sense of ‘incredulity’ after discovering they’d bagged more than $680,000 in a recent TattsLotto draw.

The Melburnians held one of the eight division one winning entries in TattsLotto draw 4443, drawn Saturday 17 February 2024. Each division one winning entry scored a total prize of $683,814.78.

The division one winning entry was not registered to a player card, which means we had no way of contacting the ticketholder and had to wait for them to come forward.

The victorious Victorians finally came forward to claim their prize almost two weeks after the draw and were still shell-shocked by the news.

“One word to describe it – incredulity,” the winning woman explained.

“It’s still sinking in. We’re still awestruck!

“We were at home last Monday night and we were completing the usual routine. I decided to check our ticket and I couldn’t believe it.

“We had to call one of our daughters to come over and triple-check it for us. Once she saw it, she definitely believed it.

“We’ve been playing these particular numbers for 30-odd years; They’re mostly birth dates.

“We’re just in complete shock!

“Thank you so very, very much. A lot of people in this world love these calls.

“We’re not too sure what to do with the prize at this stage. We’re about to receive the prize in the bank account, but it still doesn’t feel real!

“In the meantime, we will invite our girls over and have a nice dinner to celebrate.

“I know it will go to good use.”

The unregistered division one winning entry was purchased at Melton Lotto & TSG, 293 High Street, Melton.

Melton Lotto & TSG owner Phong Thai said he was lost for words when he heard his ‘lucky outlet’ had sold its 64th division one winning entry.

“I am totally speechless… and I couldn’t find any words to describe how I’m feeling! I couldn’t believe that I had sold yet another division one winning entry so soon,” he said.

“What a way to start the new year! Customers refer to me as ‘Mr Lucky’, and I sure do live up to the name! We have customers who travel interstate and beyond to purchase tickets from my outlet.

“The last time we sold a division one winning entry was in November 2023 in Saturday Lotto. This division one winning entry brings my tally to a total of 64 division one wins.

“Congratulations to the winning couple and we’re so glad to hear they’ve come forward now to claim the prize. Best of luck with your future plans!

“To the Melbourne community, come see Mr Lucky if you want to be the next division one winner!”