A Melton mum has declared she scored the best birthday present ever after a TattsLotto ticket she received as a gift from her husband yielded her a $4 million windfall. 

The Victorian winner held one of the five division one winning entries nationally in TattsLotto’s $20 million Superdraw draw 4083, drawn Saturday 5 September 2020. Each division one winning entry took home a prize of $4 million. 

As well as scoring the coveted division one prize, the happy winner also scored division six boosting her total prize to $4,000,013.20. 

Sharing her joy with us this morning, the stoked mum confessed the news was only just starting to sink in. 

“Thank you very much! I just needed to hear you say those words. Wow!” she exclaimed. 

“I was cooking dinner last night when I realised I hadn’t checked my entry. So, I downloaded the app and scanned the ticket. 

“It said we had scored a high win, but when I checked the ticket, I saw that we had won division six and won $13. 

“That amount is still a high win for us! If I can save $13 on the groceries that is a win, so I was happy with just scoring that much. 

“But then I scrolled down further and saw that I had won $4 million too. I couldn’t believe it. 

“I just kept sitting there checking it and double-checking it. I still don’t know if it’s real. 

“I won’t be counting my money when I do the grocery shopping now!” 

The thrilled winner revealed that the winning ticket was the best gift she’d ever received. 

“My hubby gave me this ticket as a birthday present,” she explained. 

“We don’t play that often, but on a whim he went into the store and got me this ticket. He must have been in the right place at the right time. 

“When he gave it to me he said ‘This ticket will make you happy’ as a joke. 

“So I handed it back to him on Sunday and said ‘Happy Father’s Day to you honey, this ticket will make you very happy too!’. 

“We work really hard for our money, so this will go a long way. 

“It still doesn’t feel real. I won’t believe it until I see it in my bank account. Then I think it will feel really really real!” 

When asked how she planned to enjoy her windfall, the humble mum said she had some low-key plans. 

“I’m going to renovate my kitchen!” she declared. 

“I’ve been wanting to do it ever since we moved into the house but having the money to do it was an unobtainable goal. It would have taken me 15 years to save that much. 

“Some people might think with that amount of money I could buy a whole new house, but I think I’ll start with a whole new kitchen. 

“I’ve always wanted to take the family on holiday somewhere where we can relax.

“Somewhere we can sit on a tropical island and just do nothing. 

“So as soon as the borders are open we’re going somewhere! I’m going to make it happen for my family!” 

The winning entry was purchased at newsXpress Melton, Shop 102T Woodgrove Shopping Centre, 533 High Street, Melton. 

newsXpress Melton team member Gaurav Joshi said the whole team were very excited to have sold a division one winning entry. 

“We hope this prize has a positive impact for our winner!” he exclaimed. 

“We will be telling all of our customers about the win and decorating the store with balloons and banners to celebrate the fantastic news. 

“Our customers will be just as thrilled as we are that a local has won. We are sure they are going to continue to support us, hoping they are our next winner. 

“This is the first time we’ve sold a division one winning entry since we took ownership of the store six months ago, so we are thrilled! 

“We want to extend our warmest congratulations to our winner and wish them all the very best in the future!”